Joystiq: Fable 3 Impressions

Receiving a live demo of Fable 3 from Lionhead, er ... head and Microsoft Games Studio boss Peter Molyneux during today's X10 event, Joystiq learned that it, in his words, "is all about power and uniqueness." Well, that and Charles Dickens. (More on that in a sec.) Yes, the game is up, running and actually looking pretty far along at this point. But Molyneux was much more keen to talk about some of its new gameplay mechanics than anything involving graphics, sound or other trimmings.

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KionicWarlord2223082d ago

Wow...this sure sounds different .

Saaking3082d ago

So there's no experience gathering to better your skills? I don't get how that's supposed to work?

KionicWarlord2223082d ago

"The biggest change, however, is the removal of experience orbs. Molyneux likened leveling up in Fable 2 to using Windows 7 (go corporate synergy!). In place of the orbs, Fable 3 will rely on "followers" -- do good and get more, do poorly they'll leave. They're what will determine the overall greatness of your character."

Im guessing the more followers you have the better your character will be .

Julie3082d ago

Yes i believe that followers will be like orbs more orbs more experience, you loose folowers you lose experience , if it is well implemented it should work nice, to have power comming from the people for bad or for good. Mabe hate or fear towards you is like red (evil) orbs and love or admiration blue (good)good orbs? i still hope there will be skills to power up :)

A Cupcake for Gabe3082d ago

Well you are a King or Queen in this one...but on followers.
Is that just a number like XP or are you going to have a bajillion assholes surrounding you everywhere you go.

Julie3082d ago

No lol i suppose they won't follow you everywhere :p

A Cupcake for Gabe3082d ago


If Fable 3 actually lives up to the hype of royal moron Peter, [yes he is an idiot and full with more sh1t than a dirty diaper], I will plan on being a tyrant king who enslaves women and kills everyone who doesn't beg for my mercy.

Anon19743082d ago

My biggest concern was that they were going to try to "Natal" up this game, and I was sure that was what Peter was talking about regarding people getting pissed off. No health bar? Who cares! As long as you don't force me to wave my arms around to play this game, you've got another copy sold right here. I love the Fable games!

gamer20103082d ago

Fable and Fable 2 are two of my favorite RPGs and I really like some of the changes that Molyneux is talking about. I think it could actually make the game better. I wish we could have seen some video though. But no biggie, there are several other game conventions to look forward to.

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damnightmare3082d ago

I guess no gameplay for us =(

MajestieBeast3082d ago

Okay so 90% of these promises wont end up in the game nice to know.

BRG90003082d ago

Considering the game is set for Fall these features are probably pretty set to be in the game. This isn't some pipe dream 2 years in the future like when he's talked about the prior Fable games way in advance.

That's assuming there aren't massive delays of course, which are pretty likely IMO.

kaveti66163082d ago

Either way, his games are critically well-received most of the time. Despite his over-promising and under-delivering, Molyneaux still gives us entertaining games. I'd say that's enough, unless you want to give in to your biases and dwell on things which do not matter.

A Cupcake for Gabe3082d ago

Instead of releasing B.C., my most anticipated game from Lionhead Studios, Peter kanked it for two epic disappointments, Fable 1 & 2. He hyped them as the greatest thing since slice bread, like Fable would kill both the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy in one swoop. I am tired of seeing Molyneux get up in from of the camera and open that ballon knot under his nose, spilling hype, lies, and false hope. Just make a game that can live up to it's name for once.

Godmars2903082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

90% chance they'll be "streamlined." As in instead of a complex relationship model for courting and gaining trust, its will boil down to farting.

Still, why isn't anyone put off sim kingdom running approach when the game's suppose to be about adventuring and fighting?

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Natsu X FairyTail3082d ago

Sounds really different but There's elements that sounds really good.
Like instead of picking up orbs to level up you get more followers as you go on in the game. I guess you'll have a pretty big army with you or something.

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