Activision expresses interest in subscription-based Call of Duty writes: Infinity Ward may have tried to distance itself from the rumors about the Call of Duty franchise going down Subscription Lane, but Activision head honcho Bobby Kotick said otherwise during the publishing giant's recent earnings call. "If you think about the success that we've had in other product categories on subscription, you can get a sense of the direction that we want to take that franchise," he said.

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Noctis Aftermath3081d ago

It might take off in america but i doubt many non-americans would waste money on it.

SixZeroFour3081d ago them what your really after :S

UnSelf3081d ago

the beginning of the end

Saaking3081d ago

That would suck especially for 360 owners who are already being force to pay to play online. This would just add more to an already unfair deal.

Blaze9293081d ago

Oh yeah?

"Blaze expresses no interest in future Call of Duty games"

ButterToast3081d ago

seriously? do it Activision, may it's failure teach you a lesson. F**k you.

aaron58293081d ago

eventhough i get to play it for free... go eff yourself activision.

I'm playing BF Bad company 2 demo more than i'll ever play your stupid laggy, glitchy game...

Is it because of that idiot kotick guy ?

And oh BFBC2 is so fun !! It really feels like kz2 mp .. on earth.

sikbeta3081d ago

Sure They Do, I mean if MW2 Filled with bugs and more [email protected] sold a lot, they know kids will pay for this, is a Win-Win situation....For Kod!ck and his crowd lol

evrfighter3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Um well....

I'm not sure if Kotick and IW has realized this but all the bridges they've built with their fans over the years are burning up...


One trip to their own forums will tell you that they've already lost the pc community.

The PS3 community isn't exactly too thrilled with them atm.

The mindless 360 gamers are going to get their new Halo game pretty soon. Any smart gamer in general would prefer a new Bungie game over an IW/Treyarch/Kotick game.

BattleAxe3081d ago

I wouldn't ever subscribe since I like games that have a single player campaign. Socom and Battlefield 1943 are the last 2 games I would buy if its online only

Man In Black3081d ago

People will still pay for this sh!t.
Just look at MW2.

SPACEBALL 13081d ago

good thing i already decided to never play a CoD game again.

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josh143993081d ago

people would be stupid enough to pay a subscription for cod thats the sad thing. im not buying another cod game anyway so it doesn't bother me.

ZombieAutopsy3081d ago

Crap thing is knowing Activision theyll charge you for Maps and other Dlc even though you are already paying them monthly.

Zuhk3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Thanks M$ and thanks to all the subscribers of LIVE that helped show them Activision the way!

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