Halo 2 Creators Reflect on Xbox Live Closure

Last week Microsoft announced that they were discontinuing Xbox Live service for the original Xbox on April 15, 2010. Since Bungie created Halo 2, easily the most popular game on the original Xbox, this announcement hit them close to home.

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Fanb0y3227d ago

It's probably about time people move on. It's been... 6 years?

Of course, the best thing Bungie could do is release all the Halo 2 maps on Halo 3 - no remakes, just dump those map files.
I'd totally play a Halo 2 playlist all day long.

Letros3227d ago

Hey there are even dedicated servers for Halo 2!

ApexHell3227d ago

halo 2 was the sauce :D

user8586213227d ago

steps microsoft taking to make people buy halo reach?....

KingME3227d ago

It's a microsoft conspiracy to make people buy halo reach? PLEASE!

Tiberium3227d ago

Halo 2 was my favorite in the series. It did get a lot of criticism for the ending but the multiplayer more than made up for the cliffhanger.

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