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"MAG takes place in the year 2025 where three PMCs (Private Military Companies) rise to power. These mercenaries and soldiers has no formal place in the world. Around 2020 countries around the world slimmed down their military to an iota to promote world peace. However the citizens rebelled, and countries threatened one another. Due to the minimalistic armies, treaties with other countries, and the Millennium Act, countries' militaries were not allowed travel to other countries to fight. This is when the PMCs began to unofficially leave their country to fight other countries who threatened theirs. The PMCs gave countries a way to fight overseas without violating the Millennium Act. This is when the Shadow War takes place, and where MAG begins."

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jalen2473122d ago

Great review. I usually don't buy many online only games because I like single player more than multiplayer. But I may pick up MAG latter on in the year.

Socomer 19793122d ago

sounds like the reviewer got involved and used his ps3 browser to get more on the story of the shadow war by visiting

im telling you guys. online is like a party.
bring your own beer.

sikbeta3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

The more time is spend in actually playing the game, the more you feel is Awesome, that' what I'm saying since the beginning

Good Review and MAG is Awesome

Gamers FTW!!!