Iwata: Over 100 Million Miis Created Since Wii Launch

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that 100 million Miis have been created by Wii users since the system's launch in November 2006.

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IanCube2983d ago

That's a lot of Mii's but like the article says, that's only 3 per console...I have about 10 on mine...seems low?

A Cupcake for Gabe2982d ago

Wow, I didn't realize people still used them...

fear882982d ago

Than the gamecube in that it exists. Nintendo Wifi is worthless.

KeenanTheSavage2978d ago

I agree, I've got like 15 from all of myself and my friends when the wii first came out, but i guess not as many people were that hyped on it as I was lol. :D

indiemike2983d ago

Think about the Check Mii Out Channel. I'm sure some people have created dozens, maybe hundreds. Other families probably create a few but don't go to crazy.

Still, 100 million sounds almost scary. Like a little virtual Nintendo army. Sounds like a nightmare I'm going to have tonight, a 100 million Mii Parade.

ChickeyCantor2983d ago

Dear MR.Iwata,


SpoonyRedMage2982d ago

A Mii RTS where they all go to war!

ChickeyCantor2982d ago

Ok seriously thats an awesome idea.

and you can assign classes like soldier, or tanker or pilot etc etc

You can only use your mii's only once unless you revive them by using some point system you earn during the game.

Do it Nintendo, DO IT.

SpoonyRedMage2982d ago

Too bad games compnaies don't justlet anybody pitch ideas to them. They could make a lot of money.

I know I'd buy it.

ChickeyCantor2982d ago

Thats why, when i have my Gamedevelopment degree, ill buy a gun and force iwata do pitch my...our idea xD.

WiiJunkii2982d ago

Haha! Actually, if you have the degree you won't need the gun, and vice-versa.

@ 3.1
Excellent Idea!

ChickeyCantor2982d ago

I know that was kinda the joke xD.

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hatchimatchi2982d ago

that's a really low number considering that there are over 60 million units sold. I know on mine wii i've at least 10 mii's.

Finalfantasykid2982d ago

I bet the number is way higher than 100 million. Not everyone has their system connected to the interwebz, so those miis are not tracked.

2982d ago
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