New OnLive® MicroConsole and Controller Photos

E4G: Today, OnLive has released new photos of their MicroConsole and their Controller.

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Blaster_Master3256d ago

I wonder how good the D pad is?

-Alpha3256d ago

They decided to use the PS R1 R2/L1 L2 but decided to use the 360 d-pad -_-

I must say that the controller looks real slick. I am loving the recording/video buttons on the bottom which will totally rock. I love the concept of OnLive-- everything looks very futuristic and promising. Whether or not it will deliver is questionable but the guys that are making this are very educated and professional about their console (check out their University lecture).

So it seems like a typical controller, filled with a guide button and all that with an extra set of controls for watching/recording videos. Wonder if it will have motion control.

You know, it's funny: Sony Nintendo and MS are all moving towards motion control and OnLive seems to be ignoring that and offering digital distribution.

It's going to be one hell of a generation.

It's usually the case that once a console is released the foot race is dependent on the exclusives. But today there is so much more going on: motion control, firmware updates-- the internet alone adds so much possibilities, digital distribution, etc.

DarkTower8053256d ago

My big question: Is there a rumble/ds feature in the controller. That is a big selling point for me. Also the analogs look uncomfortably tall imo. But I do agree with above posters, it does look slick.

JhawkFootball063256d ago

This still seems fishy.. I remember back at E3 they said they were goign to have a Beta in the summer and you go to their website to sign up for it. Well.... millions of people signed up for it and not one person got in??

-Alpha3256d ago

A select few have their hands on it. Not sure who, but if you watch their demonstration video they have players playing the game and they talk about beta testers.

ThanatosDMC3256d ago

You can all ready tell that this controller is not meant for fighting games like tekken which requires precise controls.

FamilyGuy3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

that this is actually MicoSofts Xbox 720 but they've secretly kept their name off the product as not to frighten their 360 fanbase?

The "MicroConsole", on"LIVE", the controller, it all seems a little fishy. Next thing we know 6 months before release M$ has "surprisingly" bought out the company and its idea and the system gets released as a M$ console. The only thought against it is the sleek/stylish/compact design that M$ isn't exactly known for.

conspiracy theory/

Perjoss3256d ago

arcade stick is the only way to play a 1 on 1 beat em up, unless you are just checking out the graphics.

gaffyh3256d ago

@perjoss - Well from actually playing fighting games, I've found that the only game that works well with an arcade stick is Street Fighter. Nothing else feels right, and in that sense I prefer using the standard controller.

The controller looks very similar to one of the PS3 third party controller (the shape), but hopefully the d-pad is better than the 360 controller.

JsonHenry3255d ago

HDMI out only? I guess that one weird port could be and adapter to VGA/Composite out, but still. I just think this thing is going to be a giant lagfest. If it ever even hits store shelves at all.

The Lazy One3255d ago

I wonder how comfortable it is. The hard edges on the sides make me worry that it might hurt after long periods of time. I'm also curious whether the triggers are just buttons (cuz they look more like trigger shaped buttons than analogue) or analogue triggers.

Alcon Caper3255d ago

That's one hell of a theory. Publicly display it as another product, then drop the bomb that it's actually corporately owned by MS? That'd be the sneakiest move ever.

STICKzophrenic3255d ago

"Why do I get the feeling...
that this is actually MicoSofts Xbox 720 but they've secretly kept their name off the product as not to frighten their 360 fanbase?

The "MicroConsole", on"LIVE", the controller, it all seems a little fishy. Next thing we know 6 months before release M$ has "surprisingly" bought out the company and its idea and the system gets released as a M$ console. The only thought against it is the sleek/stylish/compact design that M$ isn't exactly known for.

conspiracy theory/"

That actually doesn't sound far fetched at all. MS has been the company trumpeting digital distribution the most. You made some very observations.

lightningsax3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

If a bigger game-related company buys the rights, it wouldn't be a "conspiracy," it would be a business transaction. I wouldn't be surprised if someone bigger than OnLive backs their product in the end - it may be one of the only ways for this to not go the way of the 3DO. Could be MS, could be Sony, could be Sega (lol), who knows?

However, the controller sure looks familiar, and it seems like the amount of effort and money to make this console relevant will run it into the ground before they can innovate. PS4 and Xbox(720?) will no doubt venture beyond just their previous controllers somehow, and this one just seems like a mashup.

baum3255d ago

Also, where's the motion control? This will be forgotten by casuals quite quick if it doesn't get any gimmick.

sugard03255d ago

I have a question!
Theoretically speaking... if this gen, and next-gen consoles were to die out due to OnLive's total domination, wont gaming stores also die out? If that happens, where are we going to buy our games that include peripherals like Rock Band, GH, DJ Hero etc type games, and wont that mean control systems wont innovate because the majority of the public will have a standard controller meaning that no developer would want to create games for a niche market. Whats going to happen to innovative controllers? Can they bring out an OnLive 2... considering they update the computers internally which enables you to play top of the range games, I dont believe they can, because nobody would need to buy it.

Sorry for my English

morganfell3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

I would agree except those types of rocker Dpads are horrible and lead to errors.

silvacrest3255d ago

i really dont understand this, surely they know Microsofts D pad is junk, why copy it?

even 360 fanboys can honestly say that this is true

f7897903255d ago

They wouldn't dare make the dpad as bad as the one on the 360 controller would they?

AuToFiRE3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

i really cannot see this thing working or being practical, look at the state of the ISP services right now, im paying $60/month for 100gigs at 10/1mbit, and every gig i go over that 100 gigs i have to pay $2, now when this is released what is stopping the ISPs from making tighter restrictions on bandwidth, giving you only 50 gigs for $60 a month because they want to milk every cent you have.

on top of that no one in the house can be surfing the web or downloading anything while you are playing, this is the drawbacks of this, it just wont work in the long run, this is well before its time, until ISPs can remove all the limits of their services, have higher bandwidth and speeds, this just wont work

now for all the people who will probably disagree with the bandwidth part, think of it this way, you can play 24/7 on a console or computer because you have the majority of the game on hard copy at your house, it wont take very much bandwidth, but with this service you will be downloading the game aswell as sending and receiving data nonstop, everythign will have to be downloaded in realtime, thats like downloading a dvd every day if you were to play it for 8 hours a day, that really really adds up and will take an even bigger toll on your wallet

ozone30003255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

i dont know the dimensions but it looks like a rather large controller and i just want them to stay away from the aspect of the first xbox's big ass controller.

I also like my triggers for fps :/

other than that it looks niiice

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twdll3256d ago

Hopefully much improved over "the other console"

SuperStrokey11233256d ago

I hope that onlive actual does succeed in doing all that they say it will. Would be great i think.

FamilyGuy3256d ago

I wish this console(?) success. I wonder if/when key board and mouse support come along for it though. This IS (mostly) the "PC gamers" alternative after all.

DaCajun3256d ago

Go to their website, Onlive will be able to be accessed from any computer using kb/m with a simple browser plug-in and if you want to play without a computer on your TV you just get the micro-console. All the games stay on the servers you never download or buy any physical game. Seems you pay to play and you buy the games virtually. Basically the games are supposed to be streamed in real time thus the minimum internet connections of 1.5Mbps for standard definition and 5Mbps for HD 720p60. So yes Onlive will be kb/m friendly.

RealityCheck3255d ago

One thing is certain, it does generate a lot of curiosity and interest, this article posting is well over 1000 degrees now, it's really up to them to deliver and price it reasonably.

mistajeff3256d ago

I want to try it when it comes out but my connection is waaaaay slow. Is it normal for verizon dsl download speeds to not exceed 360kb/s?

DaCajun3256d ago

You need to upgrade to FIOS I pay $40/month for 20Mbps DL and 10Mbps UL. You don't need it this high but both my wife and I play and sometimes the kid is on the computer so for me it helps.

JeffGUNZ3255d ago

Problem is, Fios isn't in all areas yet. I have been waiting for it to come into my area for years now. Nothing. I mean, I still have cable modem, so it runs pretty good, but fios package is just so much more.

Walrus3256d ago

Konami Code= ^^VV<><>LI?

looks comfortable: just the right mix of the DS3 and the 360 gamepad. I can dig the remote controls on the bottom as well.

DaCajun3256d ago

Actually I believe those are for playing/recording 15 sec clips of your gameplay to show off in your profile on some kind of personal wall of fame from what it seems in the video of a lecture they gave at some college.