Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Release Date Announced Officially

Konami officially announced today via the MGS: PW site, after Famitsu leaked the release date, that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker exclusively for the PSP will be arriving in the land of the rising sun on March 18, 2010.

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TheColbertinator3301d ago

I hope its not a March release for US as well.I already got White Knight Chronicles and bad Company 2 planned for March

Sigh3301d ago

Hopefully NA/Europe aren't too far behind.

Kevin ButIer3300d ago

oh wait?

Big Bosssss!!!

mastiffchild3300d ago

Hopefully this will finally feel like MGS3 in your pocket! I finally got to grips with the bag of ideas that made up Portable Ops but it never felt a true MGS to me(even if the convoluted controls were present and correct!)despite some classy touches. Looking forward to seeing what the modes are like as well and doubt we'll see a western version too long after the Japanese release.

I know there's been a renaissance in PSP games of late but I really don't remember wanting any portable release to arrive as much as this one-not even CoO or Crisis Core. GTPSP is totally underrated as well, imo and the more you play it the better it becomes and along with Dissidia(amazingly mental game really)that'll be keeping my PSP busy til BB arrives with this-and possibly some portable Persona too.

beardpapa3300d ago

what's with all the games releasing on March?!?!

raztad3300d ago

this one is just in Japan.

beardpapa3300d ago

I happen to have a silver jpn psp-1000 so I was going to import this. =T