PlayStation Network Users Will Not Be Banned For Using Javelin Glitch

E4G: If you want to cheat in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then play it on the PlayStation 3.

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dkblackhawk503270d ago

Something is definitely wrong...

Government Cheese3270d ago

The glitch is going to be fixed within a few days, theres really no need to ban someone for simply acting like an ass, no matter how annoying it may be.

Jinxstar3270d ago

I haven't been online today. Is it really that bad?

RememberThe3573270d ago

If this is a glitch, IW is the one responsible for fixing it. As long as people aren't modding their PS3's or hacking games then there is no reason to ban people who are exploiting something the developers should have caught and should now fix.

Sorry but your logic is not at all sound...

baum3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

This is not a glitch, it's poor game balancing on part of MW2. Reviewers must have missed this "for some reason". That's all I will say.

NecrumSlavery3270d ago

I'd use this glitch in a private match with friends, but never in a ranked match. It's way unfair. Although funny, YouTube it, it's über funny.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I was thinking the same thing, even though using the word "exploit" can mean taking advantage of a glitch, but in this case it's a bug. It just makes you wonder why Microsoft would ban their paying users for using a bug to their advantage.

Another thing I'm wondering to is why these things never get picked up when the game is also on the XBOX 360, I have a feeling if it was only the PS3 version it would be all over reviews. Something similar happened with Gears of War 2, lol.

Marceles3270d ago

lol @ the writer of this article...right, blame Sony for IW's problem.

execution173270d ago

it was a matter of time before some people ruin it again for the honest gamers, probably get to the point were there will be nukes the first few seconds of a match

calis3270d ago

Can someone explain this Javelin glitch?

badz1493270d ago

youtube is your friend.

calis3270d ago

"youtube is your friend."

not at work it isn't :-S

HolyOrangeCows3270d ago

IW hasn't patched it.

And probably won't.

yesah3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

or does it seem like the last few sentences were writen by someone else?

Saaking3270d ago

Basically, you put the javelin, click the grenade button and hold it, switch back to your javelin and now you're a walking bomb. Whenever you're killed you blow up and kill anyone near to you.

-Alpha3270d ago

if you are referring to me, I meant to say suspended, not banned as that is too extreme. Unfortunately I realized what I wrote after the edit expiration -_-

TheBlackSmoke3270d ago

You do realize you have to die to javelin "glitch". Yes its cheap, yes its annoying, but so is using a grenade launcher with scavenger, so is commando's 20ft knife reach, so is marathon and akimbo shotgun spam, so is spawning in to a match and being destroyed by an AC130 which you have no control over.

I bet the majority of people complaining of the cheap javelin have been guilty of the many other cheap ways to get kills. When you play MW2 you need to accept its designed for the lowest common denominator, skill is not the only factor and you all know that so quit whining.

BX813270d ago

I hear what you're saying people will exploit because they suck! I really think if they do ban they should post a message in the game and give a date where after they will start the ban.

In-cognito3270d ago

@ RememberThe357
Exactly right!

calis3270d ago

"I really think if they do ban they should post a message in the game and give a date where after they will start the ban."

Anyone caught using this glitch should have a noticeable change to their character so other people know he is a cheat and no one will want to play with him.

Make his user tag pink or add something to his username so they are identifiable.

vhero3270d ago

"If you want to cheat in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then play it on the PlayStation 3. " Wow how fanboyish is THAT statement?? It will be fixed in the next couple of days. If it bothers you play something else for a couple of days.

Guido3270d ago

No, it's not that bad. In a few hours of playing last night I ran into one idiot using it and once we knew who it was we just made sure we shot him from a distance. He can't use anything but a knfe so you can see them coming a mile away. Oh, and he typically is the one running around with the jav on his back.

rockleex3270d ago

Seriously, MW2 is VERY unbalanced compared to COD4.

Not only that, MW2's maps suck. There's no strategical layout to the maps. Feels more like World at War's map designs.

orange-skittle3269d ago

There's no release date for the patch yet. It just said it will be fixed in the next major update. Stop spouting rumors.

E4G is a looking for news in the obvious. Sony hasn't issued a statement on it. XBL rep said that cheating is a violation of TOS and if anyone is caught cheating, they will be suspended for 24 hrs on the first infraction. Sony doesn't monitor PSN in that way because it's a free service and you can do whatever you want. You can even have as many accounts as you want. If you want an account on XBL, you pay for it so they can take action against anyone that violates the TOS(includes racist comments, cursing, harassment, cheating, or modding).

IdleLeeSiuLung3269d ago

It ruins the fun for people playing the game. Although it is IW problem and not Sony's, I wish they would do something about it since it affects the PSN gaming community.

It doesn't affect me, but none the less I would like to see PSN flourish as I own a PS3.

TheBlackSmoke3269d ago


THANK YOU! Mw2 makes COD4 look like an army training simulator. Dont get me wrong MW2 is fun at times but people need to admit to themselves its the most basic of basic and skill is only a small requirement to do well.

Have to agree on the maps, COD4 maps are superior in every way. Mw2 maps have no structure or sense of design, it feels like the maps were randomly generated as there's way to many exits and entrances meaning you can get killed from anywhere, out of place vantage points, and really obvious hotspots and safe zones. Maybe its just because this game feels like an expansion pack for cod4 that i cant be happy with the new maps, if IW were smart they would bring back cod4 maps cos the new ones are already tired.

2cents3269d ago

If the devs dont do anything about it then the Host should. Oh well.
Most people wont care until they actually play with a cheater who ruins their stats. Then Im pretty sure they will change their tune.

edgeofblade3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Wow, people are horribly ignorant here. First, it's not a "ban" ban. It's a 24 hour suspension. And after that if you do it again, it's a 2 week suspension. If this were an outright ban... I would still support it, but a suspension fits the crime much better. I wouldn't call this hacking or cheating as much as I would call it griefing, and that, my friends, requires a swift suspension of your nuts on my foot.

You can take your "the game I bought, I plays it the way I want" and shove it. I'll support Microsoft on principle for sticking it to griefers, and at least give Sony the benefit of the doubt, seeing as how this will be patched shortly anyway.

And this whole "if it's in the game, it isn't cheating"... oh really. Have you ever written a piece of software? When someone calls out one of your mistakes, do you try and spin that into a "Feature"?

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MetalGearRising3270d ago

No thanks i've heard all the hardcore crowd have moved over to xbox live to play Modern Warfare 2 it's the console of choice.

Xeoset3270d ago

This is too funny.

How's that free service working out now? I'd much rather be actually able to play online for £2.68 a month because nobody likes cheaters... or the lack of an online option for the first few weeks.

3270d ago
Xeoset3270d ago

You can't have a patch if there is no online to begin with.


baum3270d ago

But there IS online. And it's free, so whoever's paying must be retarded.


Xeoset3270d ago

I like having my online play on day one, plus the tonnes of other features.

You can tell you're a Sony fan, you copied me. Har har har.

ultimolu3270d ago

Xeoset, get something called a life. Oh yes...and 360 fanboys never invade PS3 articles.

Why don't you play on your godly system you brag so much about?

CernaML3270d ago

"or the lack of an online option for the first few weeks."

Hahaha. Oh I love 360 fanboys who try to sound smart. I rented MW2 for the PS3 after the 3rd day from launch and was able to go online without any problems so... just continue to pay that subscription fee while the servers overload and statistics are lost.

TheBlackSmoke3270d ago

The game came out on a Tuesday, the server fix was on the Thursday and the invite fix was on Friday morning... but your a dumb ass bot who needs to justify paying for live so you just fabricated the ps3 version of MW2 hasn't been playable for "the first few weeks" when in fact it was playable the whole time since launch and the problems were fixed in two days.

360 Fanboys = delusional

abc12333269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I doubt even the best politicians can make xbox live seem better than psn with this bit of news. I'm sure a lot of people will do it for fun at the start but it'll get boring so cheaters shouldnt ruin the game that much and it seems these days microsoft will ban their loyal gamers for so many things but very few psn users are banned, so based on this which company treats their gamers better?

Besides, it's the developer's fault for this glitch so why should sony go about banning players for the developer's fault? Seems pretty stupid what microsoft is doing.

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dkblackhawk503270d ago

Don't hurt yourself on the way there. /sarcasm

TheHater3270d ago

Its not their faults that they glitch is in the game to begin with. I have no problems with users exploiting glitches in games because glitches are not suppose to be there to begin with. Unless its a cool glitch and the developers left in on purpose.
that said, i am curious to see what this glitch is. Youtube, here I come.

dkblackhawk503270d ago

You prove a very good point. It isn't the players fault that the glitch is there. It is Infinity Wards fault. You get a bubble :P.

Edo4113270d ago

I see what you're getting at but that doesn't necessarily mean they should use it does it? If they use it in a private game or whatever then thats fine by me, but if you use it in a proper ranked game just to get some easy kills then thats a big no no in my opinion.

dkblackhawk503270d ago

Good point, that was also stated in the article. Using glitches online just ruins the fun.

TheHater3270d ago

I wouldn't necessarily call that cheating. I consider anyone that uses a lag switch or an other external means to gain an advantage over other players cheating. If something is within the game itself, then I wouldn't necessarily consider that cheating.
Why should people get banned for something that was not fix when the game launch? Do they not have people to test these games before they are release? They could have easily had a private or public beta and many of these issues would have been reported during the beta phase.

-Alpha3270d ago

Are you absolutely kidding me? If players intentionally EXPLOIT something that is not meant to be part of the game then they should be banned. It's considered cheating.

Sony doesn't communicate with the community as well as MS does and this is clear evidence of that. I can't believe people actually manage to spin glitching into being a GOOD thing.

TheHater3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Then it shouldn't be in the game then. If something is in the game, then it is part of the game. It does not matter whether or not it was meant to be in the game or not.

Edit: @Alpha-Male22
I am not sure where you are getting that I expect games to be perfect (100% glitch free). I am just stating that Developers shouldn't go around banning people because they release a product with bugs and glitch that users can exploit.
Should the banned people that uses Lag switch and other third party device or software (aim bot) to gain a competitive advantage over other? without a question.

-Alpha3270d ago

So you are expecting a game to be perfect? That's impossible. Games are bound to have issues, but that doesn't make it okay to exploit them.

Sony doesn't have to ban users, hell I'm not even expecting them to suspend them, but to act as if a game is intentionally made with glitches is logically incoherent.

only on playstaychun3270d ago

I have used the glitch online, and if I was to be banned for just that 1-2 matches I would be outraged. Lets not forget who is to be blamed in the first place. Infinity Ward!! Still can't believe how a glitch like this exists (it is quite funny at first tho :P)

BX813270d ago

I agree with alpha male! That's like saying cocaine is ok to do as long as you find it and don't buy it! Same principle. It's a glitch which means it's not meant to be part of the actual online experience. Players should be banned for trying to exploit a glitch in a ranked match. If you suck you suck you shouldn't have to resort to cheap glitches. I don't think they should do a life time ban but there should definetly be some kind of stop to this. It should also be allowed in private matches.

cmrbe3270d ago

If the glitch is there it is there. Its up to the players weather they will use it or not. Is there a law or term of use which stipulates that you are not suppose to exploit glitches?. This is where your cocaine example falls apart.

Its not Sony's role to be IW's QA.

-Alpha3270d ago

I'm not expecting or wanting people to be banned, but a fair punishment would be a suspension. Now, I am not expecting for Sony to do anything. They have no obligation because PSN is free while MS at least has to show some dedication to its subscribers.

However, to say that something is in the game and is therefore irrelevant with how people use it goes against the way the game is meant to be played. This should be punishable. You can't excuse glitchers by saying that it's in the game and therefore they are free to use it.

badz1493270d ago

M$ is so thinking about gamers and have their gamers at heart but the glitch is clearly IW and Activision's fault, and their 1st step is to suspend these gamers? why not demand a quick fix from IW so their gamers can play a fair game without any unfair glitch? ah yes...the deal with a single gamer is 50 bucks per year but a deal with AV worth millions!

BX813270d ago

@Cmrbe you're missing my point. Let's say this: going under the map is a definite glitch. You know the developers did not intend for the game to be played in an unfair manner. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. Thus the cocaine... You're saying it's ok because they didn't find this glitch doesn't mean they wanted you to use it. It's not ok to use in a ranked match period. Private is ok because everyone is agreeing that this glitch can be used. You (if you glitch) and people like you are the reason Gears 2 online was such a failure upon release. Cheating to get an edge is just that! There doesn't have to be a law it's an unspoken rule amongst gamers cheating is not tolerated. Lets all climb under maps and outside of them and snipe because we can!!!! Imo you're wrong buddy but that's just my opinion. Thanks for the response most people just respond like kids.

cmrbe3270d ago

Never said it is good. I never cheat but i do understand that not everyone is alike and think like that. That is life.

If a dev by mistake put in a super gun that people know about. Do you honestly expect those who can't win a game to take the high road and not use it while other do?. And when they use it they get banned?. Thats just crazy.

yesah3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

banning people for glitching is like banning people for using a good camping spot.

If something is completely unfair, then IW will fix it.

Eamon3269d ago

PSN did something right and XBL's Stepto is a right a55.
Why the f*ck should you get banned because Infinity Ward didn't fix their game?

UnwanteDreamz3269d ago

Some of you here talking about logic have no idea what the word means. IHow is it Sonys resposibility to fix something they did not make? Once again people are mad and directing their anger at the wrong people. I suppose people playing this game spent money on it?

So you give your money to the makers of MW2 and when you find a problem within the game you expect the party not responsible to do something about it? Anyone who thinks this way does not live in reality. In the real world when you make a mistake it is you who are expected to correct it.

Then I see people trying to equate theis with doing cocaine? WTF really? So you are saying that it isn't right to use this glitch, well I agree. Stop drawing comparisons that do not exist. Sony being held responsible for a fix to this situation is like holding a crack pipe responsible for a crack head.

edgeofblade3269d ago


At the same time, why are people complaining that Microsoft is taking steps to control an issue that isn't even their fault? I call that proactive support. This is their service, and this is what they do to earn the $50 a year the respectable players pay. With PSN, people would just go make a new account rather than suffer the consequences.

Seriously, when it comes to Microsoft, people can be the most ungrateful sods.

aaronisbla3269d ago

i think its retarded that some people here are turning it into a " MS cares about their community and Sony doesn't give a damn" argument. This glitch is stupid, point all blame at IW and Activision if its not fixed.

Banning someone on live for using this exploit is waaaaaay too much of a punishment and so is a suspension. Its not a 3rd party program that aids you in combat, its a fvckin glitch that needs fixing.

What if you discovered this glitch on accident ( like im sure the founder did, by accident ) and some one just happened to record that very match and snitched on you? I bet you'd be singing a much different tune if they banned or even suspended you.

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Droid Smasha3270d ago

you dont pay sony enough to care hahahahaha

kornbeaner3270d ago

And you idiots pay MS way to much and they still don't care. HAHAHA!