Marvel vs. Capcom 2 defeated HD Remix in sales battle

Joystiq: Capcom and Udon Entertainment spent years redrawing and re-balancing Super Street Fighter II Turbo for its HD Remix version. Later, Capcom announced and released a port of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 over the course of a few months, with filters on the original sprites. Guess which one sold better?

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Cliff Forster2978d ago

It was bad marketing. HD Remix came out way too close to IV. Its as simple as that.

-GametimeUK-2978d ago

I waited too long for the release of HD remix... By the time it was released I couldnt be bothered with it and got SF4 for my PS3 instead.

PS3PCFTW2977d ago

even though its like 9 years old and runs on a 2d engine.

Sitdown2977d ago

to do with marketing. I don't really recall anybody asking for an hd remix...but a lot of people have been beginning for MVC3 or at least MVC 2 to be brought to the current generation of consoles....I mean look at the ridiculous prices people were willing to pay for MVC2 years later for the ps2, dreamcast and xbox.

darthv722977d ago

between sf2 and MvC2 I would take the later. You see, MvC2 has most of the sf2 cast in it. It also has other characters NOT in sf2. MvC2 IS sf2 and then some.

It isnt about the graphics on this one. There is just more value in MvC2 than there is sf2 when you look at the full roster of playable people.

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devilhunterx2977d ago

HD remix was a remix of a remix of a remix.

MvsC2 > SF4 > HD re-re-remix.

chidori6662977d ago

sory but this game is pathetic..

all games of series marvelx heroes is overrated in my opinion ;)

have anothers games of fight better out there

McRad2977d ago

Love and bought both, I was irritated with HDR not getting a patch for proper online play (can't pick Claw or use start colours etc.) until near SFIV's launch.

ThatArtGuy2977d ago

but prefer HD Remix. They're totally different games. Apples and oranges and all that.

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