Drake can't beat Master Chief; but PS3 can win the format war.

Excerpt's from article:

"There's no question that since I last evaluated the Playstation 3 that Sony has made superb progress in raising the profile of the console and making it much more accessible and appealing to console buyers."

"All the gaming talk may be about Uncharted 2 at the moment but Sony should not overlook the popularity of the Halo franchise or the impact that ODST made despite controversy over its price point. We may have felt the price point was too high given the perceived longevity of the content but it didn't stop the game from selling 2 million units in only 24 hours."

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3337d ago
Natsu X FairyTail3337d ago

the real thing is that PS3 was launched 1 year after Xbox360 that's it.

Last gen Sony was 1st and they Started 1st also.

kapedkrusader3337d ago would have sold 20+ million copies too.

rCrysis3337d ago

Actually. Dreamcast started first...

Godmars2903337d ago

You really want to go there...?

ReviewsArePolitics3337d ago

Should call it Halobox since it seems that is the main reason people buy xboxes

nycredude3337d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

"All the gaming talk may be about Uncharted 2 at the moment but Sony should not overlook the popularity of the Halo franchise or the impact that ODST made despite controversy over its price point. We may have felt the price point was too high given the perceived longevity of the content but it didn't stop the game from selling 2 million units in only 24 hours."

What does ODST have to do with SOny? Why should Sony care about ODST? Is it coming to Ps3? That is the problem with MS and Ms supporter. They constantly worried about the Ps3... They should just worry about 360. Meanwhile Sony just keeps chugging along making games and updating the firmware and just overall trying to create a better experience for their consumers. It's like MS people have an inferiority complex or something.

Edit: @ Serial EDX

Read "Drake can't beat Master Chief; but PS3 can win the format war."
You still have to ask why Ps3 fans are here?

Also FYI I also have a 360 so I think I am allowed to be here. I hope I have your blessing... or otherwise I don't know WHAT I would EVER do... /s

I don't what articles you are going to but there are in no way 500 Ps3 fans trashing the 360, and the few that do there is usually ample reason for them to do it. Is RROD something they made up trash. Did the xbox 360 have more than 2 exclusives this year? I don't think telling the truth and being unhappy about it equals trashing.

Fact is I have a 360 and I never play it for a prolonged period of time without a fan in front of it for fear of it failing. Also I bought Gears 1 and 2, Halo3, fable2, Mass effect, and many others but this year there haven't been many games!

Serial_EDX3337d ago


LMFAO then why are there so many ps3 fanboys in 360 articles?

don't give me that BS about 360 fans being in ps3 articles, I've been in those 500+* articles for the ps3 its just ps3 fans trashing the 360 and 1 troll who won't give up.

Godmars2903337d ago

Duh, because there are so many 360 fanboys in PS3 articles.

That's why they're called fanboys...

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3337d ago
Serial_EDX3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

so shawn, your going to use the childish reason. "well he did it"

god someone of you don't even deserve the right to play games, crawl back in your holes.


really halo is all. I have quite alot of games on my 360, just because they are mutli doesn't mean I don't play them on my 360. same goes for my ps3 I have games that are on there that are not on the 360.

most of you guys are stuck in this pathetic fanboy state and it makes me sick to think these are the people I play online with.

Greywulf3337d ago

Its childish behavior, but stop pretending its 1 sided and that you don't understand it.

droid and bot3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

"Drake can't beat Master Chief; but PS3 can win the format war."

what ??
lets see

uncharted 2 ( PS3 )

halo3 + halo3:ODST ( 360 )

Serial_EDX3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

How am I the one being childish, they use the excuse well someone did it to me, if someone spoiled the ending of a game would you go around telling the ending to other games to make yourself feel better.

as for this one sided thing, from the looks of it it is, I don't care who started this crap, but its annoying. I mean really, who gives a flying F if you think your systems better, if so why trash the other system all the time instead of playing the system you like and looking up stuff for it?

thats what I want to know, if you like one system so much why do you need to know stuff about another system you hate, doesn't matter what side your on.

and wolf why you playing me off as a 360 only owner, go check my comments you will see I'm no fanboy like you want to believe, you know because in the real world some of us like everything the gaming community has to offer, not just one system like yourself.

3336d ago
Greywulf3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Its childish, and its stupid. You wont find any disagrees there, but for the most part its reacting to nonsense articles, or blatant trolls in the General Zone that definitely should be in the open zone.

You're entitled to your opinion, and thats great that you hate both sides. But people are responding to your comment (the one you made ) about why there are PS3 fans in 360 stories. You get the reasoning, then you call it childish. You had the history explained to you, and it is very valid, although childish, reasoning. But reasoning none the less.

No need to attack the reasoning since its apparent to the state of being a fanboy.

Would it be a better place if people like Turn10 didn't talk trash about Polyphony? You bet. But thats not the reality of the industry right now. You have a ton of never-before-seen disrespect and smack talking coming from industry leaders, and that dwindles down to the ownership. Fanboys aren't just making up their arguments from thin air, which is something that I definitely think you're overlooking.

Im not caring if you own a commodore64. Nor am I painting you as a 360 owner, I could care less. Im explaining what the beef is, and why things are the way they are.

StanLee3336d ago

You want me to show you Okami's metacritic page? Acclaim is great, but it means nothing if those games don't sell. I know many don't like the sales argument but sales are the most important barometer of a game's success. Not metascores.

Max Power3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

you are ignored by 8 people already, which speaks volumes on the kind of comments you make. And you must have missed the 360 fanboys spoiling the ending for ps3 games earlier this year and late last year. (my dates might be wrong, but it did occur)

Serial_EDX3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

@wolf, That is a little bit easier to understand.

Sorry if I sound like a total douche right now. I'm still new to the site, and some of this stuff is really starting to get on my nerves. I just kinda wish it was like the old days when people didn't care what system it was just the game itself.

@max, please go read threw my comments, most of the people here with massive bubbles have alot of ignores as well. so you can't judge by that.

godmars is a good example. 27 ignores and he still has bubbles which means people like what he says.

Goomba123336d ago

Dreamcast not only started that generation, but also thought of online gaming and its importance way before Sony did. I actually feel sorry for Sega that gamers didn't see the importance of online gaming till later gens.

stb3336d ago

0.1 -

This is soooooooooooooooooo win, i was all like that too lolazo.

droid and bot3336d ago

show what ever you wana show
i answered the title straight forward
the scores show that uncharted2 is better than HALO3 and ODST

and why the hell should i care about sales ?
the game is still great even if it sells 1 copy a month

and hell uncharted2 dose sell well
1 mill in a week is alot

Max Power3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

many people with a lot of bubbles have a lot of ignores but they have been around longer than 12 days. I used to make some stupid comments when I first joined, but I then smartened up and changed to try and make level headed comments. Granted I might bite on a few "trolls'" bait, but its usually because they make unintelligent and ill informed comments. While you dislike seeing PS3 fans within an 360 article you have to remember that everyone has an opinion and has the right to read and comment on any of the 'news' articles that appear on this site (the door swings both ways). You also need to have thick skin sometimes and see their side of the coin, which I try to do. Remember that you can also choose to not bother reading the comment (I do that a lot) and if you do choose to read the comments you have many different avenues of responding (agree, disagree, bubble up, or bubble down). And of course you can decided that the person is so off the mark with their comment that you need to write a response, but be careful because there will be some that disagree with you, just try not to start anything about it. Sorry if it sounds like I am attacking you, which isn't my intention its just some advice on how to survive within this site while maintaining a good perception among the masses.

rockleex3336d ago

So what?

When it comes to Halo and Uncharted, sales matter and metacritic scores don't.

But when it comes to Forza and Gran Turismo, metacritic scores matter but sales don't.

Can somebody make up their mind?

By the way, Gran Turismo sells more than Halo too. ^_^

sikbeta3336d ago

"Drake can't beat Master Chief"
Is logical, a generic super anabolic space-marine is stronger than a normal human being like Nate

"PS3 can win the format war"

What format? media format?, Sony already won that format war, ohh... console war, yes, It can win

@Natsu X FairyTail

"the real thing is that PS3 was launched 1 year after Xbox360 that's it.

Last gen Sony was 1st and they Started 1st also"

by that logic, can you explain why the wii is First and how the PS3 is the 3rd fastest selling console with a high price, outselling the xbox from now on and is reducing the gap faster than anyone was thinking, because I don't get it

Natsu X FairyTail3336d ago

" by that logic, can you explain why the wii is First and how the PS3 is the 3rd fastest selling console with a high price, outselling the xbox from now on and is reducing the gap faster than anyone was thinking, because I don't get it"

Because wii appeals to the Kids thanks the Wii-mote Gimmick

rCrysis3336d ago

i tried to resist. but. you can't argue with facts.

sikbeta3336d ago

@Natsu X FairyTail

Good answer, now respond the other part of my question XD

zane5473336d ago

Leave the "war" to the beaurocrats.

At the end of the day, real gamers play what they want to and give the middle finger to anyone to tries to belittle their choice of title.

I don't own a PS3, but I've played Uncharted 2 and I agree, it is one of the best games to date this generation. But to use it as a pivot to take a dig at xbox gamers for preferring to play ODST is a little... redundant.

Vice Versa. 2 million ODST sales in 24 hours isnt a reason to take a dig at other titles either.

I'm aware fanboyism won't die out, but please. It's getting so ridiculous, if half the people here spent less time whining and more time gaming, might have a more pleasant atmosphere.

W-k3336d ago

You know whats interesting i never knew this but apparently you cant read any thing about the 360(ps3) if you have a ps3(360) or comment on there articles,, damn i don't have a 360..glad i can still read wii articles even tho i don't have a wii... what a load of bull.. some of you people are ridiculous grow up or go in the open zone that's what its for. damn that Lara is hot hehe much better then the one in the movies.imo i like uncharted better then halo because uncharted just draws me in and keeps me playing so many wow moments,so far this year my favorite games are uncharted,Batman and demons souls.

Xgamerzus3336d ago

They definitely won format wars and Fck Natal!!
Natal is for a bunch of fumbling over weight diabetic kids with absolutely no future outside of their living rooms.
They will be laughed at by real musicians and athletes.

As for PS3 & BLuray!!
Grab Transformers 2 and The Dark knight and embrace the future of IMAX 70mm to Bluray mastering !!!
THis technology is new adn so promissing(those Imax scenes put all Video game Real time scenes to shame!!) and so soon we should be getting full production films on Imax 70mm .
And as soon as this kicks is adopted!!!
Bluray will be forever immortalized in your home theatre systems!!

No one that has witnessed IMAX scenes on Trans2 and Dark Knight can deny this!!!

The future is commming it may take a few years but damn is it worth the wait,
Thank you SOny and PS3!!!

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kenjix3337d ago

These guys are reaching! wait a minute Halo Reach! I think I get what they're doing!

NotSoSilentBob3337d ago

"The content is much easier and more intuitive to find and as it stands there is also more of it."

IDK what screen he looks at but I have never had trouble finding anything on the PS store. There is an ability to look at letters that works wonders to those who just browse threw the front page.

In other news this guy is just nit picking trying to blog and reassure himself.

Gun_Senshi3337d ago

But what can Drake not beat MC at?

For sales, normally sales is equal to lack of quality, be it music, like Jonas Brothers, Movies or games. Best JRPG ever made is Xenogears, how much it sold? Abymsal.

If you mean Drake cannot beat MC at everything else, you are wrong.

Gameplay of U2, Graphics, Sound, Online everything > Halo 3. As a character Drake is also better then MC, also in Europe people don't know who is master chief, they ask you back "Master Chef?", whilst drake is already known here.

The Meerkat3337d ago

Jumping, running, shooting and looking kick ass in green armour.

Gun_Senshi3337d ago

tbh the animation of jumping, running and shooting of drake blow away the animation of any other game, whilst "kick ass in green armor", sorry but MC looks horrible.

If you want a silent protagonist go Gordon Freeman

D4RkNIKON3337d ago

Haha Halo 3 has nothing on Uncharted 2 but sales.. PERIOD. Gameplay first off Uncharted 2 wins with it's cover system and even climbing, scaling walls, and even shooting while hanging off buildings. The story line, acting, and dialogue in Uncharted is unmatched by any other game on any platform. And don't get me started on graphics.. ODST runs on a dated engine.

Godmars2903337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Getting his movie to theaters first?

Seriously though, if MC could actually grapple with an Elite, pull off hand-to-hand stealth kills on a Brute, how much cooler would Halo be?

El_Colombiano3337d ago

"Getting his movie to theaters first?"

Bookmarked for future pwnage towards MC lovers!

mastiffchild3336d ago

Thing is MS and Bungie totally fumbled the release and pricing of ODST. All the articles acting shocked a what it sold amaze me-why would they imagine a Halo FPS wouldn't sell well on 360? Stiupid, just stupid.

Anyway back to Bungie and MS messing up a little. Yes, ODST sold, ad sells, well. However, in a year devoid of another exclusive shooter , and light on exclusives full stop, I think the numbers for a Halo FPS aren't as good as they could and should have been. I don't blame the quality at all-what there is is good-noit's all in the package and the price. They were so set on a full retail price releasee it amazed me. They then include all the old maps to bolster the package and justify the cost-which in many eyes it didn't.

Had they watched what Valve did with L4D and learned a little they could have had ODST rivalling Halo3's numbers, imo. Two bundles-one without the maps for $30(with access to Firefight and the new maps though)and the full package for $40-45. They would have stopped the thousands , like myself, who only rented a Halo game for the first time as I'd have bought the cheaper bundle having already got the maps and $60 for a couple of maps and a mode is way steep when the campaigns so short. Also the lower priced full ackage would have sold well in excess of what it has, imo, just look how Valve bolstered their income with L4D at half price after trial weekends, no?

MS failed to take advantage of the paucity of exclusives on 360 when they released ODST and as a result failed to maximise profits. They saw themselves as having to lose the "expansion" tag(which they were necer going to do anyway)and went with the greediest method available and used a sledgehammer to crack a nut. People were very willing to buy ODST, even more than those that did though loyalty or not having all the maps. If it bottoms out at 4.5million I still think they'll lose out and could have made a lot more by different pricing opverall and more ODST sold means more live subs.

Obviously that's just my opinion but I really think I might be right over this one as all the gripes people had would have been negated and the Halo fan in me still wanted to buy the game but m,y mind wouldn't let them con me. I'm not alne as mst of the guys I play with rented it just as I did-but they would all have liked to keep their Halo collections full if the price had been fairer and MS didn't try to make it OK by selling themstuff they paid for already.

If any of this is so then surely OSDT shold have been a much bigger deal than the alredy big deal it is today. Sometimes it's this kind of short sighted greediness that gets people's backs up over MS and a slightly lighter touch could have made everyone happier. And made MS more money too while ensuring all those 7/8 out of ten(due to value) reviews would have been 9/10 instead.

As for U2-I doubt Sony are moaning over what ND have achieved since it's alredy outselling the first game and has praise out it's ass. It wasn't ever competing with MC and will make some more money when the film's made and as the franchise grows.

Some of the other stuff here is just silly, mind, and shouldn't be printed as fact.

ReviewsArePolitics3336d ago

"But what can Drake not beat MC at?
Jumping, running, shooting and looking kick ass in green armour. "

HAHAHAHAHA good joke man, hahahahaha... you're hilarious, yeah a power ranger against an alpha male, I also think they are comparing just for teh lulz.

Wait... you were not kidding? lmao, dumb fanboys.

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