The 360: A console in decline

Recently, Microsoft Xbox 360 director of product management Aaron Greenberg boldly proclaimed "What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation."

Strong words for the man behind a console clearly in decline.

Microsoft introduced its Xbox 360 console in 2005, its second stab at the videogame console market and so far it has been a veritable roller coaster ride of highs and lows for boththe 360 console and for its fans. From its lukewarm reception at launch through to the highs it reached in 2007 withHalo 3, from its struggles with hardware reliability to decreasing sales and economic depression, Microsoft's 360 console has had quite ride up to this point. Now, as the 360 approaches its 4th birthday it appears that hard times are ahead for Microsoft's videogame flagship. After defying the odds for 4 years the signs of the 360's decline are all around us, despite Greenberg's recent comments to the contrary.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3132d ago

...Red 'RING' of DEATH!!! ;-D

+ I love having a Dump on a xBox 360 every morning!!! ;-D That is what it is for no? ;-D

AngryTypingGuy3131d ago

So I click on N4G to see what's up, and I see an article called "The 360: A Console in Decline". And then right next to it is another article entitled "Xbox 360 MW 2 Outselling PS3 2-to-1". Go figure.

AngryTypingGuy3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

To the "people" who disagreed with me: no really, that's what it said, honestly. In fact, hours later, it still does :-D

MegaPowa3131d ago

OH WAIT I BET MOST OF YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE ONE..or you have nothing better to do with your life it could even be both :0

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Keith Olbermann3132d ago

I still feel that upcoming releases like mass effect 2 and alen wake will keep it selling units. I know I will get hate for this but I think Natal will end up being a very casual friendly device with casual friendly controls which will be a big fail for hardcore. Still, I hope all three platforms do well to keep that competition going.

gamesR4fun3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I agree but lets give em till natlal ships next year b4 we sound the death horn...

dont expect it to do well but i said the same thing bout the wii

the way i see it if they add an extra 512 of ram in the upgrade their games could catch up n maybe even pass the ps3's tho with the new price tag they need to deliver some AAA gems.

And if they make it a inexpensive add on for existing 360's and make all future 360 natal priced at 300 or less they might even get back in the race.

Anon19743132d ago

But do we know when these will even be released? One of the points made in the article is that these type of high profile exclusives simply aren't coming as fast as they used to.

Also, I don't know how well Natal will do (I'm also skeptical at the impact of Sony's motion control). Historically, the Xbox doesn't have much pull with the casuals. Just look at Banjo Kazooie sales for a recent example. While Natal certainly has an appeal to casual gamers, are casuals really going to pick up a 360 with the Natal add on instead of simply shelling out for that Wii that they've heard so much about? I don't think this will really help the 360, although I have no idea what would.

The only thing I can think of is fix the hardware and bring more games like we had back in 2007. It might not get them to the top but it might at least keep them afloat.

GWAVE3132d ago

The console is in decline. Other than Forza 3, the 360 did not have another AAA exclusive for the entire year of 2009 (sorry, but ODST was an expansion pack).

The PS3 dominated every genre other than racing sim (where it had no exclusive) with its exclusives

- FPS (Killzone 2)
- RPG (Demon's Souls)
- Sports (MLB: The Show)
- sandbox (inFamous)
- third-person shooter (Uncharted 2)
- platformer (Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time)

The 360 is in decline. 360 owners are still talking about Gears, Halo, and Fable, but what are they talking about THIS year and NEXT year?

Ashriel3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Well, I'm a 360 owner and I'm looking foward to Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake. There's also Halo: Reach and Falbe 3, but I'm not so sure about those ones :/

Plus all the multiplatforms wich look really nice, like Just Cause 2, Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII

But no one can deny that 2009 was a sh1tty year for the 360, but I'm sure 2010 will be better with those games I listed there.

Still, the PS3 has also great exclusives coming out, like Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, GOW3 + the unnannounced stuff.

Overall I think 2010 will be a more competitive year in terms of exclusives. Because it's clear that 360 lost 2009 xD

StanLee3132d ago

$440 million dollars in revenue generated in the month of September says "hello". Will the XBox 360 outsell the PS3? Not likely when the PS3 is expected to have a life cycle twice as long but the XBox 360 is in no way in decline. It's the only console showing consistent growth in hardware sales this year.

sack_boi3132d ago

Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, that's all I care about this year.

Keep spreading your BS d!ckride66 while the rest of us enjoy our games :p

IdleLeeSiuLung3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

With the continued domination of the PS3 in all areas, the sales don't seem to reflect that in either software or hardware....

I can find plenty of games, new features to be released in upcoming firmware update and friends to play games with on my 360.

This article is just propaganda from darkride66, rest assured that it has no effect on the end results and only Sony/MS (or Nintendo for that matter) can significantly influence the end results.

"Xbox Division Profits Up 96 Percent In Q1, Sales Flat"

ico923132d ago

scince 2007 its kinda dwindled down for the 360

randomwiz3132d ago

"Not likely when the PS3 is expected to have a life cycle twice as long but the XBox 360 is in no way in decline."

where did u get that info that the 360 has half the life cycle of the ps3? Trust me, Microsoft are probably not(im not sure though) going to kill their console when next gen comes. They killed their original xbox, because it was not profitable, and they wanted to promote one product. The 360 will still be for sale once next gen comes along. Microsoft is going to want the glory the ps2 is having right now next gen.

sikbeta3132d ago

lol at the picture

On topic, we have to see first and don't talk trash like some crew usually do, and M$ will not give up so easy, even if already lost $7 billions, probably they'll use that old trick to jump into the next xbox and all we know

3132d ago
JD_Shadow3132d ago

You really DID try to spin that while killing the messenger there, did you?

PimpHandHappy3132d ago

battle of crappy websites will never end

funny how many times is see flame bait like this do i then notice i have never heard or seen the website b4

but anyway
let me add

Halo ODTS didn't help

sikbeta3132d ago

I feel you man, just like you have plenty of time since ODST have a 6 hours campaign and now you have anything to play with, maybe you can try Too Human or banjo kazooie XD

darthv723132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I tried reading this but lost interest. Someone please tell me the short short version.

Decline by what statistic: sales or quality of games?

As far as I can see the sales are better than last year. It has been selling better each year than prior. The games are getting better as well. Quality titles are being made but maybe not at the frequency of ps3 titles.

Maybe that is what they mean by decline...number of games released in a year. I don't know.

I do know that the quality of darkride's posts are in serious decline.

Knghtz3132d ago


Darthv went there!

I'll admit I laughed

Mr Logic3132d ago

I agree. I don't doubt that Natal will be a casual friendly device, but it will fail to be anything else.

Knghtz3132d ago

Well, it's been working for Nintendo so far.

ShadowCK3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

"Xbox struggles to maintain sales"

Wii – 679k
Nintendo DS – 511k
Xbox 360 – 309k
PlayStation 3 – 203k

The Xbox 360 sold more than 28 million units in 2008, beating the sale of Playstation 3 by 8 million units. The Xbox LIVE community also has 17 million plus members despite the fact that Xbox Live has been down several times last year and still continues to grow. The facts will speak for themselves.

"Where have all the games gone?"

No explanation required here, total failure.
* Here a few from the top of my head:

-Fable III
-Halo Reach
-Forza 3
-Alan Wake
-Prey 2
-Crackdown 2
-Splinter Cell Conviction
-Raiden IV
-Mass Effect 2
-Left 4 Dead 2
-GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

"Bring on the casuals!"

Bring on the fanboyism! Microsoft will definitely not abandon the hardcore like Nintendo did, they have said many times during interviews. Move along people, this is hardly news. This person is obviously a PS3 Fanboy who is looking for hits.

rockleex3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Actually the PS3 and 360 both sold a little over 10 million units each in 2008.

You're probably talking about overall sales, which is expected. Seeing as how the 360 had a year head start, if both sell the same amount each year, PS3 will always remain behind in overall sales.

But we know the PS3 will remain relevant on the market for a longer period of time than the 360. Which means the PS3 will eventually surpass the 360's total sales without having to beat it's yearly sales.

As of now though, the PS3 has a high chance of outselling the 360 yearly. That means it will surpass the 360's total sales sooner than expected.

Arnon3131d ago

"But do we know when these will even be released? One of the points made in the article is that these type of high profile exclusives simply aren't coming as fast as they used to."

Rofl, yes? They sort of announced a release date for Mass Effect 2, and we've been told spring of 2010 for Alan Wake.

Sarcasm3131d ago

I don't think the 360 is going anywhere anytime soon. But man I seriously hope MS doesn't focus 90% on Natal games and leave us waiting for more Halo titles.

king dong33131d ago

rubbish, wrote by fanboys(darkride66 get a life you pathetic turd), for fanboys on

what the f*^k is going on?? everyone that approved this should lose their approval rites, and darkturd66 should be banned.

and as usual, a big congatulations to useless turd moderators that aint fit to moderate the nickleodeon forums...well done

7thNightvolley3131d ago

seriously.. with all the things that the 360 offers and .. boy i just got the new update with facebook, sky,twitter,1080p movie streaming, and so much stuff going on ... man xboxlive price is worth it .. no joke ... its makes the console to some serious entertainment kit.. loving the update.. its sick.. thats all i can say.. saying the 360 is in decline is just pure ignorance and stupidity.

MNicholas3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

when you look at annual average.

If you take total units sold and divide by the number of years on the market, the 360 is, and always has been, last.

It has had a few months here and there where it did well but no lasting success.

Using a source that is alleged by some to exaggerate 360 sales, average annual sales:

Wii: 18.7M per year
PS3: 8.6M per year
360: 8.3M per year

When you look at long term trends we see that the 360's marketshare has been trending down. It has now dipped under 30%!

MNicholas3131d ago

what 360 sales would have been if not for RROD. It can be argued that RROD, E74, etc... actually had a net positive effect on 360 sales.

Every time a company other than Microsoft, such as Best Buy or Gamestop, replaces a broken 360 for a customer under a paid replacement plan/extended warranty it actually counts as a sale.

N4g_null3131d ago

What is really sad is the list of games that PS3 owners keep listing only appeals to them. Thus the PS3 is not in any better shape. It is just the PS3 fan will have more to play while the xbox fan will wait longer till a multiplat come out. The only reason for the surge in PS3 sales is bored xbox 360 fans finally getting one. Yet to me they are both in decline much like PC gaming. New games keep getting announced but they just seem to be getting lamer and more realistic that is all. There isn't much difference between the two if you take off the fan googles. Which is why devs don't take advantage of the imaginary power the fans believe the PS3 has LOL.

Just a different perspective from yours don't hate it will all be over in 2011 early 2010. This gen is pretty much over.

edgeofblade3129d ago

Funny how PS3 fanboys call 360 fanboys "desperate" and "fearful". Then they publish articles like this one...

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soxfan20053132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Last September, after the much-hyped 360 price cut, MS sold 347,000 units according to NPD. This September, after much smaller price cuts and re-configurations, MS sold 351,000 units. Plus, this year, the 360 was up against the new $299 PS3 slim, whereas last year, the PS3 was still $399. The 360 seems to be selling better versus tougher competition - hardly a sign of a console in decline.

This also brings up another contradiction in this article. The writer regurgitates the tired old "it's half the price" line that's been overused for the last year. However, the $199 model was unchanged this September, yet MS still managed to increase sales by over 60% from August 2009. If most people buy the $199 model, as many here like to believe, how can he explain the huge increase in September sales when the $199 model did not change?

Anon19743132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

It was looking at longer term sales struggles. Month to month data doesn't give us even close the whole story.

As for the sudden jump in sales this September - Halo: ODST and a price cut on the Elite. That's why the spike. Still, it didn't save the 360 from posting another quarter of year over year declines based on their sales info released this morning.

You can't deny, the fact that the 360 hasn't been able to outsell the PS3 since the PS3 launched worldwide - despite the obvious price advantage it had until recently - is a genuine cause for concern. If you have a look at how quickly the consoles are being adopted by consumers, the PS3 is around 3-4 million ahead of where the 360 was at this point in it's life. Clearly, consumers are buying into the PS3 quicker than they every bought into the 360. Microsoft can't be oblivious to that.

Edit below: Logic would dictate that's true, but we'll never know how much of an impact that actually has. It's not like Microsoft differentiates between "360 sales" and "working 360's on the market".

GWAVE3132d ago

Just a thought: the end of this year marks the end of the fourth year of the 360.

The 360 only has a three-year warranty.

Although there is no concrete way to prove exact numbers, it would be very logical and safe to assume that a lot of 360s that have been selling have been "repeat" customers who had to replace their broken 360 outside of the warranty.

soxfan20053132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

What numbers are you looking at? I read the report from today, and it says that the Xbox division revenues were flat from the same quarter last year, however, profits increased substantially.

That, coupled with the 360's impressive September, clearly point to a strong console, not a declining one.

Despite how you spin it, more 360's have been sold than PS3's. The head start can't just be disregarded - those sales still count. It's just like the fact that the Yankees have the Major League record with 26 championships, despite the fact that the Yankees have been around longer than many other teams. The record books aren't adjusted to mitigate the Yankees "head start".

@gwave - despite how much you want to believe that there are many multiple console purchases by the same people, there is absolutely NO proof to back up your opinion.

StanLee3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Dude, you're one of the few posters using common sense and facts to comment on this article. I applaud you. Get ready for the disagrees and to loose a few bubbles.

Edit @ Green

That is so hilarious. But yeah, 440 million in revenue generated in 1 month is pretty impressive.

green3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

These were the comments i made an hour and 3 hours ago.

"The spin will come from darkrider66 site, am sure he is reaping their financial report apart looking for loop holes in which to make an article out off.Anyway, it's always good news to hear that companies are recovering from the recession. I hope Sony will report similar profits as well."

"Always good to see companies coming out of the recession. I expect Darkrider66 to be scrutinizing every aspect of the financial report in order to wright a spin article.Anyway, hope Sony posts similar profits as well.As for Nintendo, recession was never really a problem for them."

I hardly comment on N4G anymore but its good to know that Darkrider66 is still up to his old tactics.

The Wood3132d ago

hear me out. Those same people with 'common sense' you speak of were not applying any of it when the slew of 'ps3 iz doomed' articles were common despite us all knowing as a fact that it was/is the 3rd fastest selling i said below eff the not a shareholder and i draw the line at seeking their numbers from their reports. Neither sony or MS care about my life. If i fall on hard times none of them will get me out of jail BUT i hope BOTH do well enough for competition to continue even if i do prefer the 'trey'.

Hutch23553132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I saw them on the pending, but never see them approved, but this drivle is. lol As for Sony, unfortunately they are expect to have a loss this quarter again. Hopefully it won't be as much as last quarter. Sox fan, I know you are going to lose bubbles, as am I when the full force of the sony fans hit this today/tonight, but keep it up. I bubbled you up and agreed, hopefully I won't be down to 1 anytime soon, although at the rate I have been losing them for speeking common sense, it won't be long.

I see the possitive article about the profit is finally approved. Wonder why it took longer than this one? hmmmmm

nycredude3132d ago

Look at all your fools spinning and spinning with all these numbers and sales and year over year and month over month sales and revenues and profits and blah blah blah. All this could be german to me because it doesn't matter at all!! I bought both consoles cause I like games not sales. How does all this BS matter when it's clear with consoles ATM has the upper hand in games this year and next. No amount of sales data is going to change the fact that 360 had only 2 exclusives this year! Are Ms going to go out now and buy up some studios? Because they need to learn a bit from Sony and own your own studios is what they need to do to provide more games for their console.

KingME3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

If the 360 is and has been in such decline since 2006-2007, what the hell has the PS3 been doing. here you have a declining console with a 6-7 million console lead and three years later even after the 800,000 gain of the PS3 slim still leads by over 7 million.

So, if the 360 has been on the decline, How does this clown describe the PS3. This article wasn't written as a public service, it's been written as a PS3 fanboy service.

Then you have software, accessories, XBL I say when you compare the 360 to the PS3 the 360 has been more profitable by far. MS may have had to spend 1 billion on the RROD, but how much did the PS3 re-do and price cuts from 599 cost Sony. Just this past September the 360 carried 1/3rd the of the market software sells.

Honestly, I'm not trying to bash the PS3, I'm just trying to show how, if you want to spin numbers and only tell half truths you can make whatever you want to look good or bad, it's a matter of how you deliver the data.

@Jinx (Below)

Well said, and spot on. Bubbles up.

Jinxstar3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Truth is no matter what there are just way too many variables to consider in every case. Is Sony willing to take a hit in price to get more BD players out there? Is MS profits this year going to even cover their last few years of losses with Vista and other things? Is Sony gonna actually start some heavy marketing eventually? Does MS count shipped consoles or sold?... Look I am a PS3 fan but this is all really pointless. I see the flaws in both consoles but I go where the games are that appeal to me... I'll defend it too but this kind of stuff really is pointless guys. I'm never one of those "Lets all be friends' people but this argument will never go anywhere because everyones "Facts" really aren't facts and you can spin them anyway you want but truth is... If you like Halo get a 360. If you like MGS get a PS3. If you like arguing about numbers that are put out by MS and Sony to shareholders and all that... It's a circle. "Round and Round we go. Where we stop nobody knows"

Just pointless because... I can pull any obscure fact out of my rectum as well. Watch "Sony's estimated cost of development for the PS3 Slim is approximately 325$. So it's only a 25$ loss and they make it up with 5 blurays of any kind".... Care to prove that wrong? Or "MS keeps statistics on out of warranty failure rates of consoles by the amount of customers that call but will not disclose them to the public. They have them sorted by serial numbers and dates but are still not taking action because their console is now so cheap to produce they don't need to R&D it anymore"

It's not about proving my "Facts" right. You gotta prove them wrong and you never will...

Edit: @ vega below... I know 2 people whose 360's died on them and they "just couldn't wait" for them to return and bought second systems as "Backups" for when they got another RROD.... Granted thats just 2 people I know but once your invested with 20+ games, Points/trophies and have friends on a system your kinda stuck so you might as well go all out... I don't think it's "Bad" or anything but I bet it's more common then most say... I mean imagine your waiting for months to play halo 3 and your 360 dies like 2 days before release... You'd buy another one so you could play halo 3 while your other was in the shop right? Or at least you probably know at least a couple people who would.

The reason why PS3 owners wouldn't in the past is well... Price. 200$ vs the older 400$ is a big deal. Also the failure rate is much lower... Do I think it's a valid point to argue? No because there are no facts. But I think it's a point to be aware of. At least some of those 360's are just sitting there . Maybe they got regifted or something... Who knows.

Sez 3132d ago

You say people re-brought the 360. But the same can be said about the ps3 slim. I know people that re-brought the system for the slim version and because there warrenty ran out from YLoD.

Anon19743131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Profits this last quarter were up year over year, despite decreased 360 sales (MS said XBL revenue was up 50% and that made up for it) but overall this calendar year they've hardly made a dime. The last two quarters before this one they were actually back to posting loses again, despite revenue similar to what they had last year.

In what world is that a good sign?

As for the year head start the 360 had, sure that still counts, but the fact that the PS3 has been selling faster then the 360 even came close to can't be ignored. If the console is so strong, how come if we lined up launches the PS3 would be 3-4 million ahead of the 360 right now, despite being double the price half that time? You're seriously telling me that's not something that developers and Microsoft themselves aren't keenly aware of?

IdleLeeSiuLung3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Remember when the PS2 whas the shiz and Xbox was the sh!t?

Well, look where we are now! Xbox 360 just elevated itself to PS3 level this generation and PS3, well declined to be third fighting for second. There is no arguing there. MS just posted a profitable quarter and they likely will again this Christmas. That is a fact!

All of Sony's guns are out, there will be no more price cut for the forseeable future. Sales aren't exactly exploding there and frankly they are no better than when the Xbox 360 had it's price cut last year.

No matter what the make believe trend is, Xbox 360 is going strong so far and it looks like they will continue that trend.

Ravage273131d ago

GOW3 and GT5 are yet to be released....not to mention FF13Vs and FF13(Japan).

Sarcasm3131d ago

"GOW3 and GT5 are yet to be released....not to mention FF13Vs and FF13(Japan). "

and the Last Guardian and Agent. And eventually Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3.

And I'm pretty confident there are many more unannounced titles.

rockleex3131d ago

It is the 3rd fastest selling console behind the Wii and PS2 respectively.

"All of Sony's guns are out, there will be no more price cut for the forseeable future. Sales aren't exactly exploding there and frankly they are no better than when the Xbox 360 had it's price cut last year."

1.2 million PS3's sold in September isn't exactly exploding?

Unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn't cut their prices every single year because they don't need to. Especially now that the PS3 is consistently outselling the 360.

king dong33131d ago

this isn't an article, it's a blog lol. saddo loser get a life

MNicholas3131d ago

equate to "selling better?"

The 360 started going into decline ever since the Wii and PS3 came out and it's market share simply continues to shrink.

It has now dipped under 30% and continues to decline.

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AliTheBrit193132d ago

The Xbox 360 is a fantastic console, with some amazing exclusives and runs all the latest games better than any other console

It has an absolutely UNRIVALED Online experience, and is not going ANYWHERE :)

Neither is the PS3, so just get over it, both consoles will stick it out and sell like hotcakes until the next generation of consoles arrives.

Heck even some of the more known and more respect PS3 Fanboys know this!

19 hours ago | By: Saaking | Block
Re: Ahhh
Which one? That's I'll try to be more a gamer? well, While it's fun being a fanboy I actually do like the 360's games (Fable II, Halo, Gears, etc). I do not like MS, but I enjoy gaming on the 360.

(Sorry mate, had to do it)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3132d ago

Why are you in the Open Zone with a comment like that? lol

Trying to reason here it's like talking to a wall. The Gamer Zone it is at least a little bit better but still infected with lots of fanboys too. There no end to this!

sack_boi3132d ago

What happened to you Ali? You were once a PS3 fanboy, now you're pretty much just a gamer...

droid and bot3132d ago

wow you really some blinded xbox fanboy

"It has an absolutely UNRIVALED Online experience"

PC got the best online and free
get your head out of your ass

AliTheBrit193132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

^^ I know I was dude

And I regret it, I enjoy both consoles now and use my Xbox 360 for all multi-plats :)

oh and @droid and bot

Wow...As if you didn't know I was talking about consoles, this is after all an Xbox 360 vs PS3 thing

Get some common sense! :)

LtSkittles3132d ago


The 360 does have some fantastic exclusives, and so, does the PS3. The thing is though it's been a tough ride for the PS3 2006-2007, and the 360 has been doing great since it launched, but it had one bad year, and that's this year. After the next firmware update you can say that PSN is good as Live without having to pay for it.

PS3 has Blu-Ray-360 has 1080p streaming
PS3 has headset-360 has headsets
PS3 has trophies-360 has achievements
PS3 doesn't have cross-game chat-360 does

Microsoft will probably have a better year next year, but so will Sony.

droid and bot3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

"Get some common sense:
maybe you need to tell that to your self and start talking some sense too

the PS3 is a great console
i know because i got all 4 platform
PC . wii. PS3. 360

all of them are great

so maybe you need to stop being a fanboy for once
and start giving the PS3 some credit
because it deserves it
and you know it
but most likely you'll shut up and only talk in 2 conditions
1- praise your xbox
2- diss the PS3
cus this is all what i see you doing

kevinx10003131d ago

"19 hours ago | By: Saaking | Block
Re: Ahhh
Which one? That's I'll try to be more a gamer? well, While it's fun being a fanboy I actually do like the 360's games (Fable II, Halo, Gears, etc). I do not like MS, but I enjoy gaming on the 360.

(Sorry mate, had to do it)"

oh, i've got some PMs like that. he enjoys halo himself.
we all know the truth saaking.

"Yep I suck at Halo, but it's fun :)"
"Yea, I play Halo 3. You do know that I don't mean many things Is say. After all I'm in the openzone and I despise xbox 360 bots. I'm also working on SC double Agent"

PopEmUp3131d ago

for once I agree with you

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LuvBurger3132d ago

Who approves of this stuff, anyway?

Seriously, there should be some sort of filter for this nonsense.

WIIIS13131d ago

It is just your regular dose of FUD disseminated by desperate PS3 fanboys.

3131d ago
jessupj3131d ago

While I admit the 360 is definitely not going anywhere, It's quality exclusives have been few and far between. I go through a new game in about 2 weeks. Once I get the platinum I lose a lot of interest, so if I was a 360 only owner I would be a very very sad and bored panda this year. I would be extremely disappointed with the line up this year.

MNicholas3131d ago

to support it's conclusions.

If the 360 has been doing better, it's marketshare would be increasing right?

Then why is the 360's marketshare decreasing?

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