Bing There, Done That: EA's CCO Talks... Everything

In a rare interview, Electronic Arts CCO Bing Gordon shares with Gamasutra his vision for the world's largest publisher, discussing key EA investment Spore, why the Renderware owner has now licensed Unreal Engine, and just why his company didn't support the Dreamcast.

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WilliamRLBaker4222d ago

about EA long ago back when they pretty much stopped releaseing any thing good, and when they killed my fav study westwood!

USMChardcharger4222d ago

is it me or does that guy look like David Hasselhoff

PhinneousD4220d ago

ea buying out ubi will mean sh!tty games. no innovations. halfass development. unfinished games that we have to dl the other half of the content for a riduculous price.