Neocrisis - Replayability: Do games these days need the replayability?

Neocrisis - Fellow gamers, do you enjoy very long-lasting RPGs like Pokemon? Have you ever showed interest in Halo 3 or Gears of War? Why do you play Resistance 2 so much? You're probably experiencing something that is called "replayability". What's replayability, you may ask? Well, it's the replay value that your games contain; it's what's going to keep you playing the same game over and over again. Most of the games being released this generation have shown a great improvement in terms of replayability, adding either some multiplayer to the game, achievements and trophies, or just simply additional classes.

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gumgum993290d ago

I find replayability in a variety of game levels, and presentation, but it really comes down to the experience itself. Multiplayer helps, but there are many games I enjoy that don't contain no real mulitplayer at all.

jazzking20013290d ago

i dont connect replayability with multiplayer