Game Central: Torchlight Preview with Travis Baldree

Game Central writes: "From the demise of Mythos and Flagship Studios arose a new studio entitled Runic Games. This studio contains alumni from both Flagship and Blizzard North, developers of the computer role-playing game classics Diablo and Diablo II (with its expansion, Lords of Destruction.) With Mythos, Flagship attempted to resurrect the isometric perspective-style RPG that was prevalent in the Diablo series, with an emphasis on simplicity of hack-and-slash gameplay. Unfortunately, the game never came to fruition, as Flagship shut down in mid-production. The following year, Runic Games was formed, and Torchlight was born. While at this year's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Game Central had a chance to meet with Travis Baldree, Torchlight's lead designer, who demoed the current state of the game for us."

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