Can PES be better on PS3?

"Insider" claims so, but what would make the difference?

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4206d ago

GRAW2 has 14 more maps right on the disk.
What these people probaly keep on talking about is more content.
and maybe more animations.

but that`s about it.
as in terms of better.

gta_cb4205d ago

yeh i can see where your coming from, more animations etc, but then again i dont really play PES i normally play FIFA =D

Firewire4206d ago

"The PES dev team has been working intimately with Sony for ages, while the MGS4 team has already been elbow-deep in PS3's giga-guts for more than two years now. If anyone can uncover previously unheard of strength from Sony's console, it's Konami"

Sweet! Another dev thats knows how to exploit
the power of the PS3!

CyberSentinel4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

4.) We are totally praying MGS4 will save the PS3, (but it wont) and are kissing Konami's @ss in hopes of a miracle.

@4.1: If you can't see the disappointment that is the current sales numbers, (both console and software) of the PS3, then you are the true definition of a "Blind Lemming".

My favorite quote: Kyoshi Shin of Japan's International Game Developers' Association was less positive, suggesting that many developers are shifting their focus to Nintendo Wii.

"When people talk about the PS3 on chat forums, they say it's like going to a very expensive restaurant and not getting anything to eat".

BitbyDeath4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

Since when did the PS3 need saving?

@4. No i thought setting records for opening sales was a good thing? Is it opposite day again?

EDIT2: A lot of that is just media spinning, like Epic put it. Sony just have a big target on their backs as they are the console leaders, they attract negative feedback. Which the majority of isn't even real

TheMART4205d ago

Record opening sales are good if the console is able to stay on a steady rate the months after that.

If there are record opening sales and afterwards they drop like hell, only fanboys bought it @ launch, and then people start saying: 'it's not selling, I don't believe in this console, I won't buy it'.


Launch: 250k November 2006
Last few months: 130k (360 has sold 200k to 300k every month since it launch there)


Launch: 600k March 2007(impressive)
Known drop in UK (largest gaming country of Europe) first week after, 82% decrease. The weeks after that the weekly sales dropped to about 10k and it might even be less now (haven't seen more recent sales numbers)


Launch: 80k
After that: around 10k a week now for some time already (compare that to Nintendo with over 80k sales)

We know XBOX hasn't been popular there, but it still manages to sell 25% of the PS3 sales constantly.

Then the software. Best selling title for PS3:

Resistance 600k since November 2006 on just over 3 million PS3 users.

If we take a look at the best selling title for the 360, Gears of War, that sold 4 million already months ago. It'll be on at least 5 million by now, on 11 million 360 users.

There are more then 14 games that sold over a million, a couple of them even over 2 million copies on the 360.

Big games like DMC4, VF5, Virtua Tennis 3, Assassins Creed, GTA4 and more all came to the 360. The 360 even stole Ace Combat 6 as a timed exclusive. Former PS exclusives, real ones. The PS3 only got 'timed' new IP exclusives from the 360 just because the PS3 wasn't out when the games launched. They didn't get one former XBOX exclusive that comes out on the same time. They got a remake of Ninja Gaiden 1, years after the original XBOX game.

The real big guns, like MGS4 and FF XIII are 3rd party, could easily come over to the 360. Both companies want profit, both have shareholders. I will not be surprised to see them end up on the 360 also.

And then... PS3 games are delayed a lot because of difficult development. Even the most anticipated PS3 title: MGS4. That won't be here with Christmas, when the 360 has big guns exclusive like Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo 3... There isn't so much what the PS3 can do to defend... Yeah a Second Life rip off that isn't even a game nor a premium online service, but just a gimmick

It's just save and simple to say the PS3 is a dissapointment in both hardware and software sales. Now, don't only dissagree with me, don't only give a post like a crying baby, give me facts and details to prove me wrong if you think so.

BitbyDeath4205d ago

I'm not a fanboy for either console but fact is the PS3 has been out for seven months, which means it is still starting out. And with a killer game lineup for both 07 & 08 i would have to say that it is far from being in trouble.

Also keep in mind that the Xbox 360 had gone through the exact same thing when it had been released, it wasn't until GeOW that the sales had really picked up.


Cyrus3654205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )


You realize that 360's sold just over 100 K in Months of Feb and/or March, April of 2006....You know the months after christmas/holidays, when it's traditions for consoles to sell less. The same month where PS3 sold like 98 K in the us or whatever the number was...360's priced 100-200 less sold just slightly more.

Do you also realize that even with the slow selling PS3 from Nov to March, it's on pace to sell more in USA than X-360 did....

Not saying it's gonna happen, but you most alot of info that's nor accurate or just wrong.

In Japan the sales aren't even a contest, and in Europe, it's looking like PS3 will be competitive or pass x-360 soon.

The Question is how will the Wii do, by all indictions, very well, meaning PS3 and X-box 360 are battling for 2nd and last place.

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nice_cuppa4206d ago

if pes6 yes as that game is made so the extra time to port and add to it should make it better !

pes7 will be the same on both hopefully as release dates will be the same ! (unless cell does the same to this as colin macrae and ps3 takes longer )

my 2 cents !

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