PES 2010 demo to include Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, France, Germany, Spain and Italy

Konami confirmed today that the PES 2010 demo is on the way and hits live tomorrow. Playable teams: Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. PES 2010 demo will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Unbiased13227d ago

last year demo was horrible!
It was only like 2 minutes, i am fine with that but once you finish game there is no restard or quit to main menu, you had to watch stupid video that was 2 minutes long, longer than you actually play, it made me hate game. If they do same crap this year......

nix3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

yeah it was terrible... i had to stop game when it hit 89 mins and go to Main Menu so that i don't have to look at the 3 min long video.

i hope they've included online in this demo too... i would want to check how their online system is before i purchase.. otherwise i'll go ahead with EA this year. i've waited for two years for Konami to make up.. i can't wait any longer.

the way the player (closer to the camera) gets blurred in replays of FIFA10 is horrible. plus the score card and the map/player details always get in the way of gaming. i don't know why EA overlooked these?

sub853227d ago

Nice! Can't wait for it!

MetalGearRising3227d ago

Boooooo no Manchester UTD = Fail.

Hanif-8763227d ago

Manchester United was my favourite club but since cristiano ronaldo left for madrid i doubt i'll use that team in games anymore

nix3227d ago

i used to play as MU on PES09, but since they lost to Barcelona shamefully, i've stopped playing as them. i used to like MU but i lost respect after they lost to Barca.

iSynysteRx-3227d ago

Typical glory hunters, It's 'fans' like you who give us true die hard Mancs a bad name, Now go suck a c0ck.

Venatus-Deus3227d ago

if you were a die hard Manc... you'd support Citeh

nix3227d ago

i'm sorry.. what i meant was MU didn't lose so badly, actually they won the match!!! happy?

being a fan is ok but a blind fan can be a bad thing. everyone is a fan because of some reasons, be it ronaldo, coach or any other player. so if one thing that hooks them to remain loyal does not exist doesn't mean one has to go around liking the team endlessly.

grow up for once.

food863227d ago

ill stick to fifa i don't like the made up teams they have in pro evolution. sure they have some teams but thats why i like fifa they have all the franchise brands and real teams not some made up team like mancherster union or something that sounds similar to mancherster united. that kind of stuff is what puts me off pro evo, plays nice though

IronFistChinMi3227d ago

But before I defected to FIFA last year, I loved setting aside some beer and cigs, then editing ALL the names in PES! It wasn't that bad as PES has roughly half the teams than FIFA.

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