Gran Turismo PSP "Bullshot-Free" Image Blowout

Gallery of 40 fresh screenshots. You'll see everything from mode selection screens, car selection screens, track selection screens, car trading screens, ad-hoc multiplayer screens, car/track info screens, settings, and everything in between.

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DelbertGrady3200d ago

Here are some of the bullshots.

aldesko3200d ago

Do you make similar posts in Forza 3 stories?

Saaking3200d ago

Very good and on ONE disk.

tehReaper3200d ago

I would hope, PSP games wouldn't be very portable with more than one UMD.

The_Beast3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

out IN 09 FOR SURE



Those aren't bull-shots it's the CGI demonstration of the new Corvette. It was made just for that car as a introduction in to GT PSP there were never passed off as gameplay.

The_Beast3200d ago

dont be surpirsed if he puts a gt5 screen and say its his shtty lil flopza

NaiNaiNai3200d ago

ROFL they were pased off as gameplay by every ignorant sony fanboy on this site. XD

morganfell3200d ago

Way to put the smackdown ULTIMATE. Apparently these imbeciles forget that in order for an image to be genuine bullshot, such a claim must come from the publisher, developer, or hardware manufacturer.

Marceles3200d ago

Reminds me of GT3 on PS2, really good looking for a handheld

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