Capcom gives BIG hint to new character in Tatsunoko vs Capcom

"With new characters being included in the North American version of TvC, we have been waiting patiently for hints towards some of these new characters. Today Capcom has given a huge hint to one of the 5 new characters being put into the NA version."

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Product3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Sounds like Arthur, but i could see a Resident Evil character in there also...

Either would be great in my book.

Marceles3117d ago

I don't get how it could be Arthur when he mentions biohazard?

Goomba123118d ago

I highly doubt it's Barry from Resident Evil, how strange would that be.

joemayo763118d ago

strange but awesome!!!!!


Polluted3117d ago

Is Barry that loser with a mullet from RE: Zero or was that Billy?

The_Devil_Hunter3117d ago

Hopefully Dante is one of the secret characters, ah how I wish.

DanteLinkX3117d ago

If dante is included I will be the happiest DMC fangirl alive in the world, and I am male.

NMC20073117d ago

Wow, these game companies really love to drag things out now don't they?
We will give you a hint? No wait, let's do a countdown to the hint? No wait, let's announce that we will announce the countdown for the announcement of the hint? JESUS CHRIST just spit it out!

Polluted3117d ago

Ha ha. It's very true, but you can understand where they're coming from. Every announcement-for-another-annou ncement or stupid hint they drop ends up plastered all over the interwebs. Can't argue with that sort of publicity.

supremacy3117d ago

simply grab the cover boy of each of their most recognized games.

you know strider, bioncommando, falcon from powerstone, hayato from plasma sword, dante from devil may cry, character from rpg breath of fire game, the guy from onimusha, resident evil character, ,lost planet character, and so instead of having multiple characters from the same game or universe.

just my opinion but what do i know.

Product3117d ago

That would be awesome, but they won't do that. Capcom would never be able to produce a better fighting game than that :)

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The story is too old to be commented.