Dualshockers Review: G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra The Video Game


"When it was announced that Hasbro, following the success of Transformers had set their sights on milking yet another one of my favorite childhood cartoons I thought to myself "is nothing sacred?" Apparently not, enter G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Marking the first time the "American Heroes" hit the big screen without a video game tie-in would be blasphemous, so Hasbro and EA decided to not let us down…but they did anyway."

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iiprotocolii3212d ago

A movie-to-game that has a bad review. Hollywood really needs to just stop ruining our childhood.

50CALheadshot3212d ago

and 3 grand to make this game.

taz80803212d ago

Why must they f#ck up GI Joes!?!? I think the movie will be just as bad, which is just sad

50CALheadshot3212d ago

n i think we have seen all the best parts of the movie with all the commercials