EA: Wii Success Due To Building Games Specifically For the System

In reporting their fiscal 2010 first quarter results yesterday, Electronic Arts announced that they've attained a 21 percent North American software market share on the Wii, and 13 percent share in Europe. The market share increases were 10 and nine percent, respectively, on a year-over-year basis, and EA Sports boss Peter Moore believes he knows why.

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knox3180d ago

if only all dev would be like this

N4g_null3180d ago

There are a lot more than before.

You can add capcom to the list.

Ubi soft is getting it and they are even smart enough to push redsteel back so that resort does not make it's sword fighting look lame LOL.

Companies they need to get it together are still ubi soft LOL, any one making HD games LOL, namco, and konami. They are going to get their a$$es handed to them next year. And poor square... The hardcore have finally turned on these guys.