8.0 Review of Killzone 2

Killzone 2 quick take review by As usual just a twitter style take review on Killzone 2.

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Headshot813221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Why dont you finish playing the game before reviewing it? Doesn't make any sense to label your article as a game review when you only played the MP, and haven't completed the SP.
The controls are perfect. Running down the battlefield while having a sense of gravity just feels like you're in the warzone. The weight on the controls will get some getting use to if you like the easier COD or HALO, but now that i've played Killzone, i can't satnd those "floaters". Every other FPS feels like you're floatting two feet above ground.
This game is for the hardcore gamers only. It WILL take time to get good at it, but once your aim is killer, nothing beats taking out a squad of 4 by youreself and getting 4 straight headshots as you see their helmets pop out like popcorn!. If you only play for the stats you will not like this game, it's all about skill and killing yourself a [email protected]!
*and whats up with the review, kind of late don't you think? I would've liked a little more deatails, but good for you for having the guts to post since it probally did take some time.

Major_Tom3221d ago

There's no integrity behind video game journalism that should answer your question.

hamsterfist3221d ago

I could of lied and said I had finished it. The point of my reviews are to give an honest quick take. I ended up playing the hell out of the multiplayer and just did not care enough about the single player to finish it. I am working on slugging through it, and if you like I will post a re-review upon finishing. I have a strong doubt that my impression of the game will change though.

Same could be said for my Resident Evil 5 review that goes up today on I played co-op with a buddy, on the couch and it was a blast. However we never finished and that game sucks by yourself, so I just gave up on it. I would also like to point out that I put my gamertags on the site so anyone can verify how much I have completed in a game. I PROMISE you that most game reviewers do not finish a game, but at least I don't give the impression that I have.

JL3221d ago

I still don't understand how this can pass as a review. I'm sorry, but a couple short paragraphs hardly seems a review to me.

I agree with you too, Headshot. I always loved the controls, right from the start. They just felt....'right'.

hamsterfist3221d ago

I guess you are missing the point of my site then. The reviews are meant to be quick reads and a quick take. Don't consider them full reviews, as I trust you know certain things about gaming and this game. I honestly don't think people need to read about the graphics, how the controls work, and other non-sense. Go check your news paper and look at the movie reviews, count the words..... I am posting material along those standards. Only because I trust you are an educated gamer, and I insist on treating you like you are not a moron, and know what is going on in the gaming culture.

Headshot813221d ago

"The reviews are meant to be quick reads and a quick take. Don't consider them full reviews, as I trust you know certain things about gaming and this game. I honestly don't think people need to read about the graphics, how the controls work, and other non-sense"
You should try to atleast "breaks-down" the score into a chart with categories on the "quick reviews". Also add a note to the review that its a "MP Review". This is constructive criticism(<-spelling?), dont take it the wrong way.
As far as the single player goes, read the history of the first KZ from the official site,since this is s sequel, or else you'll be depriving yourself from a good story once you finish it.

" I insist on treating you like you are not a moron",
whats with the hostility?

JL3221d ago

That's the point though, a review should be written for people who don't know about a game. That's the whole point of a review. Well, at least don't know enough about the game. It should touch on all the pieces of the game. As for graphics, I'm not a graphics whore, so I typically don't care about that, but it should at least be mentioned in passing (maybe just not scrutinized over in such detail as they do these days--those movie reviews you mention, they don't just overlook the production quality do they?). You don't think people need to know about controls? Yet you talk about them (or at least the issues with them). I beg to differ controls are something that should definitely be touched on. As for that "other nonsense", not sure what you include in that (by what you excluded from your 'review', apparently it's everything).

As for this newspaper review you talk about. My local newspaper does an entertainment insert every Friday and that's where you'll find movie reviews and such. And I assure you, nothing like this. They actually give full reviews. So I don't know where you get that from. This is more of an amateur Amazon feedback 'review' really. Sorry, just call things how I see them. Actually, this is more of a "My Progress Report in KZ2" type piece and nothing more really. With the exception of a quick "it is a f*cking blast" thrown in there. Plus, end it with whether you'd recommend it or not. Seriously though, most of this is spent on telling us what you've done in it. Two quick paragraphs is hardly enough to tell about a game in review, especially with this approach.

There are only like four points made in this entire thing. The first paragraph does nothing to accomplish anything other than tell us how the game was advertised as "serious" (following up with a quick sentence on how you feel it didn't live up to that realness). Then, you spend the rest of the paragraph talking about how the controls were "messed up" when it first came out, but since then it's been patched and you like that because it plays like CoD controls now. So much for not treating us like ignorant gamers and bypassing all that stuff that we'd already know since we keep up with gaming news. The second paragraph is just a quick overview of the multiplayer. Actually, not even an overview. All it says is you level up classes. Then goes on to tell us you did it pretty quick (progress report), and then didn't much touch the game after that. Following up with your pointing out that you're going to get back to playing it soon. Then you give it a "must-buy" approval in a quick sentence and follow that with your "fisting" (wth?).

I'm sorry, this is not a review, and by no standards could it be perceived as such. This is more a progress report than a review. Like I said, honestly, it's something I'd expect to read as feedback on Amazon. At the very least, if you're going to do a "quick take" of a game, at least talk about the aspects of the game and not just how far you've progressed and what you did in the game. This is weak. Sorry, but you can't convince me that something this short is a relevant "review". Hell, I've spent more time criticizing your review style and those two paragraphs than you did reviewing an entire game. That's gotta tell you something. And yes, I get the point of your site. My point though is (sorry, I'm going to seem a bit brash here), the idea really carries no value. You're not going to persuade me differently either. Weighed, measured and found wanting. That sounds pretty fitting for this concept. Sorry. This just seems lazy and fruitless. Really don't mean any disrespect, but gotta try harder than this.

hamsterfist3221d ago

Headshot, sorry if something came off as hostile, it wasn't meant to be. I also really do appreciate the feedback, and seeing more of what content people want. It is funny because while the shorter reviews seem like they might be 'easier', they are in some ways actually 'harder' to write. Like I said I could go on for days writing content that seems like the same old stuff.

I will agree that the really problem is the 'age' of some of the games I am reviewing. I am trying to backfill some content, before moving into more recent titles. Add in the fact that this month the only current releases really worth talking about is NCAA Football, and it is hard to build a website around that. =) Please keep up with the feedback, and I will try and evolve the site more towards what the 'viewer' wants.

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Mr Tretton3221d ago

Like anyone needs more KZ2 reviews at this point. It's hilarious to me that there have been more coming out. As if people still need every random person's review on a game that has been out for months.