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Submitted by KeenanTheSavage 2328d ago | article

Why the Adventure Game Went the Way of the Dodo

Once upon a time (in the early 90's) adventure games were a popular genre, sparking numerous hits from Sierra, LucasArts and a myriad of other gaming companies. For many, these games shaped a large part of Sarah Russel's childhood teaching her about the mysteries of Tikal, the practice of insult sword-fighting and how to take on a truly epic quest armed with more brains that brawn. With a wide fan base, compelling stories and even great tie-ins in the case of LucasArts with established franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, it seems odd that adventure games are almost nonexistent these days. Have gamers' tastes in games changed so much in the past 10-15 years that we can no longer appreciate the subtleties that adventure games have to offer? (Culture)

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