Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Orders Called to Duty with Release Date Delivery

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"In 'modern' life, buying items online is the norm. However usually when you want to purchase something on it's release date, buying online isn't the way to go. That is mainly due to the shipping process taking a few days, forcing you to wait longer than if you had just went to your local retailer. Amazon changes that by dropping a bomb on your doorstep come November 10th."

This offer extends to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of both the Collector's Edition, and Regular Edition of Modern Warfare 2. The links in the article lead to the PS3 version, but you can select the Xbox 360/PC on the same page.

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DJ3415d ago

I'll just pre-order from here then. Screw Gamestop.

NotSoSilentBob3415d ago

Either that or just walk into a best buy and you will have a few hundred copies to choose from the day it releases. Thats what I do with all my games. People think preordering is the only way to get it the day it comes out I just go to best buy they never require it to get the first day. It helps but they have never ran out.

jamesrocks31473415d ago

for like agessssssss they always deliver on time =] more 9 times out of 10 its a day or 2 before realese date XD!!!

table3415d ago

yeah they are well good for delivery and its free. MW2 has been top of the pre-order list for months now, it's gonna be a really big seller. I'm not getting it though, got bored of MW2 quickly. Not really a fan of the series. My brother will pick it up anyway so I'll just invite myself round to his place to play it.

Roper3163415d ago

I'll wait and buy it used at some point. Screw Activision and their asshat boss!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

I'm going to wait until it hits the $40 or less. I rarely pay full price for any game and $40 is usually on the higher end. Most games I aim for under $20 these days.

Maybe black friday sale?

Tarasque3415d ago

Boohoo...*snif*....bohoo... Like Activision care's that you don't buy the game.

punisher993415d ago

Forget this game. I will be getting M.A.G. which is COD and Battlefield on steroids!

Tarasque3415d ago

Well we know MW2 will be great multiplayer. Just cause something says it has 256 players online doesn't mean it will be fun or good to play.

NotSoSilentBob3415d ago

After all of the being stuck up that Sony has done this Gen, Activision/Blizzard are starting to make sony look like a midget. I considered Mw2 but after Activision and their threat Im passing on Mw2 because I do not support companies that think they are all that and haven't done anything to prove their abilities.

jjesso19933415d ago

i will pre order at allways get day or 2 before realese

HydroUK3415d ago

yeah me too, i guess its different across the ocean

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