Media Markt remove immediately 360 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Nextgamer writes: "Media Markt stop immediately with the sale of Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360."

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Final_Rpg3277d ago

Who are Sony going to call?

Their legal advisory team!

evrfighter3277d ago

don't see what the deal is, It's not like Sony's losing out on sales from either console port...

Sony's acting like the kid in the sandbox who's taking his toys and going

PirateThom3277d ago

Nothing to do with Sony, it was Atari Benelux, if you read the article.

STK0263277d ago

they had an agreement with Atari, which Atari obviously violated. Who cares if they lose sales or not, the point is that Atari broke the agreement and should be sued.

Kushan3277d ago

AS a matter of fact, sony IS losing money on each 360 version sold. Sure, Sony pictures owns the rights to Ghostbusters, their share of each sale is unaffected, but Sony Computer Entertainment gets a chunk from each sale of the PS3 version, a chunk which would otherwise go to Microsoft if a 360 version is sold.
Still, Sony isn't directly behind this, Atari is, although that's likely due to licensing agreements with Sony.

Gamertags3277d ago

This story is about a game that is being IMPORTED! That doesn't go against any laws or agreements. I love when 12 year olds have web sites!

Perjoss3277d ago

im in the UK and got my 360 ghostbusters on the same day it was released for ps3, not region locked either so it works fine :) thanks ebay.

y0haN3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Can't blame 360 fans for wanting to play the game.. forcing a format to a region is so 90s..

nothere4133277d ago

Remove immediately all these spelling and grammar mistakes.


360's version is hands down the best version to have, i'm hoping to have this game some time soon, the graphics are really nice looking.

everyone in that game looks near 100 percent the way they looked during that time.

DeepInterludium3276d ago

Reminds me of when Microsoft blocked the sale of import copies of Shenmue 2 for Dreamcast.

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TheMART3277d ago

Hahaha thats a good joke. So far for Sony's exclusive Ghostbusters, many of those that want one, got one!

And the rest just imports it from USA. Regionfree games, freaking funny.

felidae3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )


yeah, stupid Sony punks. really funny!

next time they should ask you what's the best strategy!

LONEWOLF2313277d ago

I see why the BIG S is doing this, they say its Atari BUT nah its Sony.
They went crying to Atari since their version is a giant POS even though it was the lead platform. Its sad quite frankly.

talltony3277d ago

big loss cause this game is like so amazing!.

bennj3277d ago

Did you read the article ? Really ?

vx3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

dude you crazy its N4G who reads the articles?! ppl here do their own articles after reading the title :D

dawgsfan1173276d ago

There are articles atached to these headlines? I simply thought it was a topic that would allow fanboys to instantly start a flamewar over whose system is better.

Meus Renaissance3277d ago

Is anyone seriously going to buy a PS3 for this game? If the store is selling both versions then I don't see what the big fuss is. And before anyone says it is illegal, how many MP3's and movies do you have on your HDD?

PirateThom3277d ago

Well, while all the money may go to Atari in the end, Atari Benelux have their own interests and profits to look after, meaning, every single import that is sold, Atari Benelux aren't getting their publishing cut of it. When the 360 version officially releases in Europe, that's when they make their money.

Kamikaze1353276d ago

You're saying that as if people ONLY own one console. Multiple console owners who want Ghostbuster won't want to wait on the 360 version and just buy the PS3 version.

PirateThom3277d ago

I feel sorry for you if that's all you have to hold on to. :)

commodore643277d ago

It's true though.... Soda's right, even if you don't like it, pirate.


LONEWOLF2313277d ago

lol, i doubt its Atari's handy work.
The Big S went crying to Atari.

DelbertGrady3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

It's true though. The 360 version is superior.

I have sales too. Your favorite. And release dates that can be trusted. What do you have? CGI trailers and empty promises?

JD_Shadow3277d ago

Yeah, Soda, this is pretty sad that you are too busy shoving your viewpoint down people's throats instead of just playing the game.

DelbertGrady3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Kind of hard to play the game in the comment section, don't you think?

If anything is sad it is your avatar.

YogiBear3277d ago

The fact that you continue to bring up the miniscule difference between the PS3 and Xbox versions of Ghostbusters is laughable and desperate. The game is fun no matter what system you play it on. End of story.
You crossed the line dissing the Penguins though. They are the Stanley Cup Champs like it or not. You are probably a butt hurt Wings fan. It's lonely at the top for the city of champions. Go Pens!

SaberEdge3276d ago

I would say the difference is more than minuscule, but I agree that the experience of playing either version is going to be basically the same.

pixelsword3276d ago

The gameplay's the thing.

That being said, if it's identical, and you have both consoles, get it on the 360 because it's the better looking one if you're into graphics; just make sure your 360 can handle your gameplay time and you're good to go. :)

Okay, that also being said, if you want to "cut heads" between the 360 and PS3 in the graphics department, I'm sorry; There are four games out there that whips on all games graphically: Killzone 2, Lair, Uncharted, and MGS4. Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 are tied for fifth to me, but that's not taking away anything from the games, because both are awesome, but that's only a testament to how slick those four games are.

hateroftheyear3276d ago

If you wanna talk Graphics MGS4, Uncharted 1&2,and Killzone FTW, till you can name a 360 game that tops any of those your avatar is obsolete, you might as well go back to the equally retarded "$249". Oh and here's a tip: when trying to bad mouth the ps3, stick to sales & price point cause arguing better graphics is like arguing reliability it's pointless, so until 360 tops or comes remotely close to the 4 games mentioned STFU and give the multi plat comparisons a rest.

MoonlightProwler3276d ago

Stanley Cup 2009 Champions.
Go play Ghostbusters.

7ero H3LL3276d ago

to both (pixelsword) and (hateroftheyear)

i think ive seen enough of mgs4 to make my desition on it, it's a system seller but i think it's graphics today are dated.

hateroftheyear3276d ago

just off the top of my head you would have to factor in MGS4 better AI, sometimes full scale wars in the background, and don't forget Octo camo was cool as S**t. resident evil is no light weight though, they both had great gun upgrade systems.

pixelsword3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I forgot about that one; Hmmm... maybe RE5 could go fourth in terms of graphics. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I could go either way, though; because every pic people being up is in the middle east; try to look at some of the other locales, it's really very well done.

In terms of gameplay, I personally couldn't get into the gameplay myself; it was just a little too fast-paced for the action going on in comparison to 4 (by just a hair, which made it a little too repetitive and hectic when the room filled-up with zombies to me... especially since it played almost like 4)

likedamaster3276d ago

PirateThom sounds butthurt.

cherrypie3276d ago


"The fact that you continue to bring up the miniscule difference between the PS3 and Xbox versions of Ghostbusters is laughable and desperate"

The fact that you want to pretend the difference was "miniscule" is laughable and desperate.

This forum is well-enough informed about videogames to see that the PS3 version no "little bit" worse; it was a v-e-r-y great difference.

We all know it, and you know it too.

commodore643276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah wow.

I can't believe people are STILL downplaying the astonishingly poor ps3 version of ghostbusters.

We all know that it runs at 56% resolution, has reduced textures and an exemplary iteration of the famous ps3 'vaseline' effect.

The comments downplaying the above sound like an extreme case of self-brainwashing not at all unlike the double-think in George Orwell's 1984:

Anon19743275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Just look at the metacritic score. One got 78, the other got 80. OMG 78! It must be unplayable compared to other version! Let's forget the fact that 70% of multiconsole games released this year scored higher on the PS3 or tied the 360 score vs scoring higher on the 360...everyone knows the 360 somehow has better games, despite what the vast majority of professional gamer reviews tell us.


commodore643275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


Undeniably, the ps3 version sports:
56% resolution, blurred textures, vaseline effect.
The game was even LED on the ps3 sku, negating the usual multiplat excuse.

And still darkride calls these atrocious shortcomings "miniscule".
I fear for Darkride's mental health, i really do.

I think a new record in damage control has been set by darkie, above.
Darkride deserves a cheque and a pat on the back from Sony, imo.
He has earned it, well and truly!

Oh and darkie... Thought you had me on ignore?
Couldn't resist huh?
Just like I predicted:

Damn you are easy.

hateroftheyear3274d ago

ok we get it ghost buster looks better on 360....... so what now, I mean seriously what do we do now. does that finally prove that the 360 is more powerful than the ps3(cause it's not)? or that it is easier to develop for (cause we all already knew that. like I said just because some developers suck @ developing/porting ps3 games does not mean the system sucks or "omg epic failz". Let me let you in on a secret, and this goes for all consoles there are too many quality games to choose from, instead of settling with a crappy port, especially @ $60. that is my opinion on the matter, and there is no denying the ps3 version is inferior to the 360 version, however there are so many games that surpass ghost busters in many ways on both systems. But for SODA to make it his avatar that's just taking the inner fanboy thing to another level, dude it's a multi plat, leave a comment and LET IT GO! is it hurting you that ps3 version is inferior... no. I bet you probably don't even own the game on 360, and if you do..... why don't you.... *gasp* ....go play it, or any other game, but of course you won't do that cause you're no gamer....never was... you're just a fanboy hired to do some wet work lolz

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