BioShock 2 Promotional Record Hints at Plot

IGN: "Yesterday we received copies of a 7" vinyl record from "Rapture Records." The labels and sleeve featured the familiar art deco typeface of BioShock but contain no information beyond that. Thankfully, certain members of our staff live firmly in the past and we've now listened to and transcribed the contents of the wax disc. As may be expected, clues to the upcoming game are hidden within the grooves."

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HBK6193425d ago

They're getting really elaborate with this whole viral marketing scheme.

It'd want to work.

Ellessdee3425d ago

this guy is taking "rise" way to literally. they are saying rise, as in, become great again. rise back to its former glory or even surpass it. get it? no rise as in rise out of the fu#king water. s#it.

and he says "underground" instead of underwater. twice. sh##ty article, gotta be more careful about clicking those links before i check the site it belongs too, hip hop gamer really has the dumbest s#it on n4g.