Retro Confessional: Rejected Game Concepts

GrE writes, "Through my connections at Games Are Evil (GrE) I have gathered many industry insiders from the land of my imagination. These insiders (in my mind) have told me of several titles across various platforms that the gaming public is unaware. Today I will proudly share with you the best of these games that you will never get to play..."

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roblef3451d ago

LOL. Love the photos in these articles!

CrAppleton3451d ago

He definitely thinks outside of the box, that is for sure.

supercharger51503451d ago

I was about to post that too, lol.

supercharger51503451d ago

"For those of you not old enough, this is a 100% accurate representation of the late 1980s".

CrAppleton3451d ago

How awesome would it have been if they had actually made a NARC sequel? I would totally play that Sh1t!

bgrundman3451d ago

The original was so hokey, I wouldn't have anything to do it.

supercharger51503451d ago

Wait, whuuuuuuuuuut?! A Silence of the Lambs game!
Do you make people put the lotion on it's skin?

RAM MAGNUMS3451d ago

What? its been rejected by nintendo and they are geniuses.