Hacker Destroys OpenSim Regions

Hypergrid Business is reporting that an unknown person or persons destroyed a large number of OpenSim regions over the weekend, by exploiting a weakness in LxLabs' Linux-based HyperVM management software. OpenSim is a popular third-party reverse-engineered implementation of Linden Lab's Second Life server software used in a variety of commercial, non-commercial and educational virtual-environment grids.

More than 100 regions are reported lost, along with any data that wasn't backed up off-site. Apparently more than just the simulators were taken down, Web-pages and other ancillary data and files on the affected servers were also lost in the attack.

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Rofflecopter3388d ago

Man, now people are gonna have to deal with real life. Crazy.

jerethdagryphon3388d ago

unless finacial data was in there i dont see why they wold do that

360usetobegood3388d ago

Hackers usually respect stuff like this. This was either done by a stupid script kiddie or google earth people..

Who ever it was F U ... Lame attempt at hacking.