MADDEN 10: ThEvolution Network Goes Hands-On Part 1

Shadowolf and R2Deuce of ThEvolution Network battle it out in EA's new MADDEN 10

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360usetobegood3323d ago

Every year minor improvements to a horrible game.

Really gonna try to not buy it this year.. On a side note how are they allowed to have a monopoly on the game, isnt creating a monopoly illegal? Other devs should start brining EA and NFL to court.. Even if they dont win it cuts down on profits.

Screw EA and matter of fact screw the National Felon League at this point as well... Stop paying criminals millions of dollars meanwhile hardworking americans make 50k a year.. If they are lucky.

donscrillinger3323d ago

hopefully they will let us change the camera angle to what we want it to be ,you know user cam ,and also change the buttons to want we want ,then it just might be kind of fresh ,,but we cant do this its still will be the same .wack!