E3 2009: Comprehensive List of Release Dates

Allison Boyer has taken the time out to compile what the rest of us were too lazy to do. The list of games shown/mentioned at E3 along with release dates (if available). Also included are some of the peripherals and console updates.

Binge Gamer writes: Every year, E3 is a whirl-wind of announcements, and personally, I always look forward to finding out the release dates for some of the most anticipated games. Some of these are announced before E3 and just hyped at the show. Others are brand-new announcements during press conferences and at booths. In any case, I've created a comprehensive list of release dates for the games featured at E3 this year.We have to know when we'll be spending out money, right?

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ThatCanadianGuy3479d ago

I can't believe the contributor took the time to add all those games to the related games section.Kudos to you ! I wouldn't have the patience for that..

Anyways, there's a few errors on that list.Namely, the one im interested in..Dynasty warriors 6: Empires !! It was at E3, supposed to release this june !

interrergator3479d ago

i hope dark void and dragon age make it this year

Grown Folks Talk3478d ago

is Splinter Cell: Conviction on October 21.