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Nike2798d ago

And I can't sleep because of this goddamn timer that's counting down. O_O

I partly blame friends who require sleep and want me to watch the timer for them until something important happens.

But actually, I'm just a sucker for timers. T_T

Lifendz2798d ago

All Kojima has to do to get me back on MGS4 non-stop is give us a trophy patch. I played through it just once (I know I know) because I didn't want to go through again and, like Burnout, have to start over once they add trophies. Well now I wish I had gone through again. No matter. I didn't sell the game. Can't wait for any news on MGS5. But seriously, a trophy patch would be sweeeeeet.

iWillNotBeIgnored2798d ago

but I would definitely play MGS4 all over again if they released a Trophy patch.

SnuggleBandit2798d ago

honestly i am becoming the same way about seems to be taking some of the fun out of it for me because the first thing i try to do is get all the damn things

Natsu892798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

well i played mgs 4 5 times, and iam doing it the 6th time now, on extreme , after that i will try to get the big boss emblem...
I dont need trophies to play an awesome game again, anyway trophies would be nice ;)

BrunoM2798d ago

The game is one great game .. i wonder what these "new" game is going to be ...and by the looks of it is only psp and ps3

Venomish2798d ago

i bet it is another counter

SnuggleBandit2798d ago

wow another counter greaaaat...haha

UltimateIdiot9112798d ago

Not just any timer, Big Boss appears.

maadsheikh2798d ago

there's a stronger thunderstorm + a LOT more rain
more letters
Big Boss appears (definitely mgs related)

gamesmaster2797d ago

i got the big boss emblem; extreme, no alerts, no rations, no deaths, no continues, no killing, under 04:30:00.

it doesn't really bother me that i didn't get a trophy, knowing i did it is satisfaction enough.

VampHuntD2797d ago

You did get a trophy though, the emblem for doing so. It didn't have points or XP attached to it, but it's still the equivalent of a trophy system.

RevN8r2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Here's a screen grab of the character in question. Militaires Sans Frontiers - Awesome.

solideagle12797d ago

i think its MGS4 subsitance/substance with improved graphics anew stages and stuff.


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phosphor1122797d ago

It has

Current letters/numbers are

S (shows it often, maybe insinuating another character, like a 5)
6 lookin thingy

vhero2797d ago

hmmm MGS5 for PS3 would be the icing on the cake and really hurt MS...

morganfell2797d ago

Here is what everyone seems to be missing. Kojima said the game was on a new system. Yet Famitsu points to the game to be Sony exclusive.



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lociefer2798d ago

i hope this is true , im dying for a new metal gear , but wouldnt it be awesome if kojima is workin on a ZOE game and supervising on a new metal gear ?

Mindboggle2798d ago

No it wouldnt be awesome. Most people dont even know what ZOE is....It would be a waste of time. However a new MGS would be AWESOME!

ViRaL-2798d ago

So what that a lot of people haven't heard of ZOE. That doesn't mean they weren't GREAT games, they don't have to sell a billion copies in order to be good.

Since when do sales = quality?

kingOVsticks2798d ago

whaaaaaaaaat? you're nuts man, I know alot of people who don't know what SOTC even stands for but for the people that do are going bananas after seeing the trico video. Just because a game doesn't have a huge fanbase doesn't mean it isn't worth taking a second look and making the cult fans happy... And yes I did push disagree

Nike2798d ago

Sigh...some games are just so nice when they're scorching your corneas with awesome graphics. The gameplay was also addictive as well - never a dull moment in combat. Of course, I enjoyed ZOE 2 better than 1 (but who didn't?). Look forward to seeing what the Vic Viper would look like in high-def graphics. ^_^

silvacrest2798d ago


yes that would be awesome, both fan bases get a new game and everyone is happy


so by your logic, if a game is not well known it does not deserve a sequel? nevermind that its a quality game...

Mindboggle2797d ago

I never said the game was crap, i have the game and its brilliant. However most people dont know what it even is. It would be much safer for kojima to make a new MGS as its guarenteed to sell.

ceedubya92797d ago

But man, am I glad to be a part of that niche! Need a sequel asap!

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N4PS3G2798d ago

This examiner guys are always so clueless ..Famitsu never said it was a new MGS game

"The latest work from Metal Gear franchise maker Kojima Productions approaches." -Famitsu

Yokan2798d ago

These guys are making us who live in San Diego look bad.

Nike2798d ago

Don't they have people from all over the nation contributing?

silvacrest2798d ago

the phantom haterz must not like you much

Snake Raiser2798d ago

She's just getting disagrees (not from me) because her comment is kind of pointless.
On topic: If it is another timer I will buy a plane ticket to japan and punch somebody in the face. jk

MajesticBeast2798d ago

well we know 1 thing its exclusive so no watered down graphics thank you.