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big shadow  +   2374d ago
say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Maddens Raiders  +   2374d ago
(.............) -
Nike  +   2374d ago
It's 4:39 AM in our time zone right now
And I can't sleep because of this goddamn timer that's counting down. O_O

I partly blame friends who require sleep and want me to watch the timer for them until something important happens.

But actually, I'm just a sucker for timers. T_T
Lifendz  +   2374d ago
It's great to be a gamer
All Kojima has to do to get me back on MGS4 non-stop is give us a trophy patch. I played through it just once (I know I know) because I didn't want to go through again and, like Burnout, have to start over once they add trophies. Well now I wish I had gone through again. No matter. I didn't sell the game. Can't wait for any news on MGS5. But seriously, a trophy patch would be sweeeeeet.
iWillNotBeIgnored  +   2374d ago
I really hate Trophies [and Achievemnets for that matter]
but I would definitely play MGS4 all over again if they released a Trophy patch.
SnuggleBandit  +   2374d ago
honestly i am becoming the same way about seems to be taking some of the fun out of it for me because the first thing i try to do is get all the damn things
Natsu89  +   2374d ago
well i played mgs 4 5 times, and iam doing it the 6th time now, on extreme , after that i will try to get the big boss emblem...
I dont need trophies to play an awesome game again, anyway trophies would be nice ;)
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BrunoM  +   2374d ago
The game is one great game .. i wonder what these "new" game is going to be ...and by the looks of it is only psp and ps3
Venomish  +   2374d ago
i bet it is another counter
SnuggleBandit  +   2374d ago
wow another counter greaaaat...haha
UltimateIdiot911  +   2374d ago
Not just any timer, Big Boss appears.
cmrbe  +   2374d ago
I still don't get
you trophy whores
maadsheikh  +   2374d ago
there's a stronger thunderstorm + a LOT more rain
more letters
Big Boss appears (definitely mgs related)
xryls  +   2374d ago
My avatar says hi
gamesmaster  +   2374d ago
i got the big boss emblem; extreme, no alerts, no rations, no deaths, no continues, no killing, under 04:30:00.

it doesn't really bother me that i didn't get a trophy, knowing i did it is satisfaction enough.
VampHuntD  +   2374d ago
You did get a trophy though, the emblem for doing so. It didn't have points or XP attached to it, but it's still the equivalent of a trophy system.
RevN8r  +   2374d ago
Here ya go.
Here's a screen grab of the character in question. Militaires Sans Frontiers - Awesome.
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solideagle1  +   2374d ago
i dont think its MGS5
i think its MGS4 subsitance/substance with improved graphics anew stages and stuff.

solideagle1   2374d ago | Spam
phosphor112  +   2374d ago
Latest teaser has new letter!

It has

Current letters/numbers are

S (shows it often, maybe insinuating another character, like a 5)
6 lookin thingy
vhero  +   2374d ago
hmmm MGS5 for PS3 would be the icing on the cake and really hurt MS...
morganfell  +   2373d ago
Here is what everyone seems to be missing. Kojima said the game was on a new system. Yet Famitsu points to the game to be Sony exclusive.


lociefer  +   2374d ago
i hope this is true , im dying for a new metal gear , but wouldnt it be awesome if kojima is workin on a ZOE game and supervising on a new metal gear ?
Mindboggle  +   2374d ago
No it wouldnt be awesome. Most people dont even know what ZOE is....It would be a waste of time. However a new MGS would be AWESOME!
ViRaL-  +   2374d ago
So what that a lot of people haven't heard of ZOE. That doesn't mean they weren't GREAT games, they don't have to sell a billion copies in order to be good.

Since when do sales = quality?
kingOVsticks  +   2374d ago
whaaaaaaaaat? you're nuts man, I know alot of people who don't know what SOTC even stands for but for the people that do are going bananas after seeing the trico video. Just because a game doesn't have a huge fanbase doesn't mean it isn't worth taking a second look and making the cult fans happy... And yes I did push disagree
Nike  +   2374d ago
I remember ZOE
Sigh...some games are just so nice when they're scorching your corneas with awesome graphics. The gameplay was also addictive as well - never a dull moment in combat. Of course, I enjoyed ZOE 2 better than 1 (but who didn't?). Look forward to seeing what the Vic Viper would look like in high-def graphics. ^_^
silvacrest  +   2374d ago

yes that would be awesome, both fan bases get a new game and everyone is happy


so by your logic, if a game is not well known it does not deserve a sequel? nevermind that its a quality game...
Mindboggle  +   2374d ago
I never said the game was crap, i have the game and its brilliant. However most people dont know what it even is. It would be much safer for kojima to make a new MGS as its guarenteed to sell.
ceedubya9  +   2373d ago
ZOE is a niche series
But man, am I glad to be a part of that niche! Need a sequel asap!
N4PS3G  +   2374d ago
This examiner guys are always so clueless ..Famitsu never said it was a new MGS game

"The latest work from Metal Gear franchise maker Kojima Productions approaches." -Famitsu
Yokan  +   2374d ago
These guys are making us who live in San Diego look bad.
Nike  +   2374d ago
Don't they have people from all over the nation contributing?
ultimolu  +   2374d ago
Avenged Sevenfold  +   2374d ago
lol at the 4 disagrees.
silvacrest  +   2374d ago
the phantom haterz must not like you much
Snake Raiser  +   2374d ago
She's just getting disagrees (not from me) because her comment is kind of pointless.
On topic: If it is another timer I will buy a plane ticket to japan and punch somebody in the face. jk

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MajesticBeast  +   2374d ago
well we know 1 thing its exclusive so no watered down graphics thank you.
Shadow Man  +   2374d ago
WWE presents Judmentday Jun 1st only on PAY-PER-VIEW

edit:@Snake Raiser I don't hate it anymore, currently playing mgs3 :D
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Snake Raiser  +   2374d ago
1st of all tonight is not Jun. 1st. 2nd of all pay-per-view? Wth is that about? 3rd. I thought that you hated the game and didn't want it.
MAiKU  +   2374d ago
@ Original poster.

Ugh, today was one of those days when i didn't look at who had this article... *sigh*
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Moo7a-Seven  +   2374d ago
The best video game in the history
MGS5 only on PS3

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Snake Raiser  +   2374d ago
I always stay up late...but tonight I will keep my eyes peeled. 0-0 Main charter...BIG BOSS? Snake? (which snake lol) Raiden? Liquid? Meryl? Otacon? *head explodes*
sniper-squeak  +   2374d ago
Just gone past midnight here..
..ima wait it out lol, better be good
theEnemy  +   2374d ago
Not me though.
Cause last time I've waited for the timer to go down, I got late at work, only to find out that the timer will restart again. :(

Maybe it'll happen again, only more rain and thunderstorm will be changed. And some letters/numbers.
sniper-squeak  +   2374d ago
wudnt normally have stayed up...
but I got a feeling tonight... plus I can't get to sleep...
maybe its the feeling that's not letting me go sleep :( lol

Half an hour! (Y) :D

p.s. hey didn't Sev say it's a Wii MGS game?
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Timesplitter14  +   2374d ago
It's just gonna be another countdown, but at least the background will change and we will probably get more letters to complete the 5eE3 mystery
Snake Raiser  +   2374d ago
Are you mad?!?!? It will be a new mystery. Something to explain the old mystery...don't we wish.
iWillNotBeIgnored  +   2374d ago
but it'll probably just be a harder thunderstorm though [alot more rain,wind,etc].
Nike  +   2374d ago
Maybe...just maybe...
It'll be sunshine and clear skies! :D

And then Sonic Rush's "Brand New Day" will blare out over the speakers. And lots of fireworks and Katamari. And then the Nintendogs will get jiggy with it.

F**k, Kojima. What have you done to me? o__O
yoshiroaka  +   2374d ago
As great as a new Metal Gear game would be, it would be sad if kojima is directing the new one (if there is one)

I mean the guy has been dying to do something, ANYTHING(!) new since metal gear 2. Would feel sorry for him if he has to do another one now. Maybe later on but definitely not now.Hopefully he wont have too much of a demanding role if they are making a new one...but then do i want a kojima-less metal gear??
I wanna see what else his mind could come up with.

New IP please.
silvacrest  +   2374d ago
like lociefer said, if kojima is only supervising MGS while his main focus is ZOE or whatever new IP its a win/win for both camps
yoshiroaka  +   2374d ago
Yea but kojima is such a perfectionist, you really think he could let someone else take over his baby? Maybe after a month he wiggs out and kills the whole team and does the entire game by himself lol.

All this Pre E3 speculation is kill me. =(
kingOVsticks  +   2374d ago
now now now
Lets not get are hopes up to much. Like others have mentioned,chances are its just another storm. E3 is next week I doubt konami would want to announce the game on a Tuesday night a week before e3 o.0
SmokingMonkey  +   2374d ago
Vote ZOE 3
....for your next kojima game

the ballot:

X-----MGS5 (multiplat)
X-----MGS5 PS3 only
X-----MGS4 (multiplat)
X-----other (tornado, soul, etc)

BigMassacre  +   2374d ago
If there is a Metal Gear revealed tonight
Expect it to be Portable Ops 2. Come on know ya want it. ;)

As for the countdown thing, it will continue.
iWillNotBeIgnored  +   2374d ago
I would welcome that but
I would welcome even more that fake Ocelot PSP game that was on the internet last year. But only for real.

BigMassacre  +   2374d ago
Aww come on guys. No need to disagree. Because I hope you know there's a way more bigger chance of Portable Ops 2 happening than something silly like MGS5.

Watch. It's going to happen. The year of the PSP.
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slave2Dcontroller  +   2374d ago
any other sites reporting this?
Grey Fox 92  +   2374d ago
I see it really hard...
bigjclassic  +   2374d ago
I want a Wii MGS game, maybe MGS3 Wii edtion
like RE4 had a Wii edition. With motion plus, and online.
Natsu89  +   2374d ago
well as i havent played mgs 2 and 3 and cant get access to them it would be realy nice to get those to wii as the wii is as powerfull as the ps2 it shouldnt be a problem!
El_Colombiano  +   2374d ago
I reeeeeeaaaaallllyyyy don't think the Wii is capable of MGS3. I mean, it pushed the PS2 to the max, and then some.
Natsu89  +   2374d ago
dont talk s**t...
I know the wii ist last gen but is more powerfull than the ps2.
Its better but nothing against ps3 and 360
PorkChops  +   2374d ago
Yeah hip hip hooray Xbox360 version confirmed.
MetalGearBear  +   2374d ago
PS3 or PSP only!!!! DUH!!!!
Snake Raiser  +   2374d ago
I'm tired of this. (nothing against bill, just liked the pic.)
When will they just announce something?

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MAiKU  +   2374d ago

360 gamers are desperate for MGS
DNAgent  +   2374d ago

360 gamers are desperate for games
II Necroplasm II  +   2374d ago

DNAgent is a virgin
cmrbe  +   2374d ago

II Necroplasm II is a virgin finder.
NewZealander  +   2374d ago
its not that 360 owners are desperate for MGS, but more the fact that even most 360 owners have played a MGS game before, ive owned both previous sony consoles and have played most of the MGS games, i could have played MGS3 on the origional xbox but never did.

so on my part atleast its not desperation, its the fact i know MGS is a great franchise and i would like the chance to play it on 360, if it happens then thats awesome, but if not well thats life.
Etseix  +   2374d ago
FACT: NewZealander u need to type facts like every1 else


FACT: PS3 is the next generation of the next generation consoles right now,
NewZealander  +   2374d ago
just wondering what you mean by i need to type facts like everyone else?

i dont understand what you mean, all i stated was my opinion, and i think its true that MGS is a great franchise, i believe it would be great to play it on 360, whats so bad about that?

ive played many MGS games and yes i give the developer credit for the quality and care they put into the franchise, i dont believe the format matters in the case of MGS.

i would say the same about many developers, give credit where credit is due and if people enjoy the games does it matter what console they own?
madcowz64  +   2374d ago
I can't wait for this!
Soldierone  +   2374d ago
Thank you captain obvious
LOL and re stating common sense that people have known for weeks gets you popular articles on N4G haha. ;) 1 hour!
Yomiro  +   2374d ago
So...what time is the announcement?
spunnups  +   2374d ago
39 Minutes and counting!
Lumbo  +   2374d ago
30 ;p

though i fully expect yet another timer ...
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SSJSubgeta  +   2374d ago
22min. left

Watch it be another counter. XD
bnaked  +   2374d ago
yo if you look to the website a while, you can see that there is a tornado arising..
bjornbear  +   2374d ago
15 minutes !!!
This is lagging the hell out of my internett!! God damn flatmates!!! W000T *eyes glues to screen* damn , can't go play Diablo II now =(
4pocalyps3  +   2374d ago
15 mins
am going to go apeshít if it is another timer >_<
solidsnakus  +   2374d ago
this is just a waste of time. 5$ says its going to be another countdown.
omfg..>!!@!@!@ i just realized!!!!

its probably going to be another countdown rigtht, so itll be a 1 week countdown and you know whats exactly a week from today? sonys press confrence. could it be a mgs5 exclusive on ps3 again?
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spandexxking  +   2374d ago
it going to be another countdown
Madgunner  +   2374d ago
even though
i know this probably isint going to happen im still hoping that sometimes in his/my lifetime ( preferably now) he would make a REmake of the Orginal Metal Gear's

Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

EDIT: or it would be sweet to play as grey fox back when he was taking orders from Big boss that would be Badass

just think about how sweet it would be to fight big boss as a BOSS and Grey Fox on that Minefield with NEXT GEN GAMEPLAY!!! TOTALLY EPIC. it will make MGS4's finale fight with Revolver Ocelot look like GeOW2's end boss battle/ending which unfortunately isint much to say the least ^_^
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bjornbear  +   2374d ago
If you see the signs......
its 3......5....e....E

Obviously E + 3 = E3...

Also date countdown = Sony's day...

Add e...and 5...hmm

I speculate e = exclusive...and obvious i know right? but as Kojima's press conference in GDC he said "sometimes, you just have to keep it simple"

Why over complicate, an instant sequel isn't impossible to ANNOUNCE, even if it takes 2 - 3 years to make (with new engine)
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