Fun Times: Browser Doom, Heretic & Hexen

Rockpapershotgun: While adult-me might have baulked at Killing Floor's testosteronal presentation, I still revert gladly back to dumb little teenage-me whenever I play the original Doom. To this end, I am diligently ensuring I'm able to play the thing anywhere and anywhen. There is nowhere in my house from which I cannot reach Doom within a matter of seconds, be it on my PC, my 360, my hacked iPhone. In case of grumpy, old-man-y emergency: fire up the game. This has become even easier now there's a proper-shiny, free in-browser version of id's medium-defining dumbass shooter. Bonus: it includes Heretic and Hexen too.

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Nikuma3495d ago

getting used to the controls on those old games isn't easy! It used to be 2nd nature to me but lol. Blast from the past!