Gamespot: Zombie Wranglers Review

Zombies have been terrorizing suburban neighborhoods for so long that the adults and full-time zombie slayers have grown tired of their lurching antics. With the professionals too scared of losing their precious brains to lend a helping hand, four spunky kids must use their magic vacuum cleaners to suck the undead off the face of the earth. This colorful approach to mutant removal could have been fun, but Zombie Wranglers utterly destroys the simple joy of fighting humanity's greatest enemy. The controls are painfully sluggish, the camera struggles to frame the banal action, and actually fighting zombies is cheap and unrewarding. Even teaming up with a few friends doesn't improve the situation, unless your goal is to make your company as miserable as you are. Zombie Wranglers is as brain dead as the monsters you're trying to kill.

The Good:
* Some of the power-ups are mildly entertaining

The Bad:
* Sluggish, unresponsive controls
* Combat varies between way too easy and way too cheap
* Awful camera constantly gets stuck on the environment
* Boss battles are even less fun than typical fights
* Co-op only spreads the unhappiness

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