SFX 360: Zombie Wranglers Review

SFX 360 writes: "Who hasn't dreamed of one day being a zombie wrangler for a living? It sounds like such a luxurious life style really when you think about it. You take down the undead and get paid for it! Well that's exactly what the kids in the newest Live Arcade game Zombie Wranglers get to do. Since we all know how lazy our parents were when we were kids it comes as no surprise that dealing with pesky zombies has been left in the trusty hands of the children.

Zombie Wranglers takes a very kid friendly approach to what will someday be a very serious matter, the zompocalypse! You can play as one of four children, each has a unique melee attack but really no one of them is any different. In addition to your melee attack you have your trusty zombie wrangler gun. It's your job to clean the mean streets of all the zombies by either beating them to a messy goo or using your wrangler gun..."

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