Xbox Japan Head On Painful Past, Brighter Future

Nowadays, the Xbox 360 is finally beginning to fill out the (admittedly low) expectations Microsoft had for it in Japan. The company shifted its millionth console in the region last month, and hardware sales have continually expanded year-over-year since the 2005 launch. "I really feel like we're expanding now," says Sensui.

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GiantEnemyCrab3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

This guy shouldn't even have a job! Mr. Bright Future has been talking that jive since 2001. That 360vsPS3 guide they released was pure cheeze and should of been the last straw with this failure along with the marketing and PR staff in Japan.

Shadow Flare3302d ago

Every month of sales for japan since 2005 has shown the 360 not compete with the ps3, no, not compete with the wii, oh no, but compete with the ps2. It fights to outsell the ps2 for crying out loud. That's all that needs to be said concerning the 360 in japan

MisterNiwa3302d ago

Well, to have a bright future for the 360 in Japan, you need a good RPG every week for the 360.
Thats the only way to sell more than 5000 360's.

And this, ladies and gentlemens, is not possible.

Shadow Flare3302d ago

If microsoft took all the discs in the 360 version of FF13 and sold one a week, then it would work.

IdleLeeSiuLung3302d ago

Why so much hate?

I'm happy MS is not giving up on Japan because we would loose a lot of great games from the Japanese market. However, it is kind of sad that they are finally shipped their millionth console there after three and a half years.

Come on Japan, give the Xbox some love too. It is a great system.

Tony P3302d ago

Not hating. Just telling it like it is.

MS has had such a "bright outlook" in Japan for years now but can't seem to achieve lasting success. PR only goes so far. At some point you've got to meet the burden of proof.

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Bnet3433302d ago

Well I do see the future brighter for them in Japan. They need to keep grabbing those JRPGs.

DrRobotnik3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I could say that microsoft should just give up on the Japanese market, but instead, I commend them on persevering in a software market that is locally dominating. They won't give up, even if the odds are bad. PS3 had the same kind of problem here in the US. And yet this little engine is still chugging away. Never give up never surrender. Or you will end up like sega. The prostitute of the gaming industry. I still cry a little inside every time I see sonic dancing for food, on the corner of nintendo and suicide.

siyrobbo3302d ago

microsoft dont know when to give up, they'll keep on pushing till they get what they want, they always have

Shadow Flare3302d ago

. . . .and in the process it makes them zero profit at the end of it all

deshon093302d ago

they do have a future it should only take them 8 more years to make 5 million in japan by that time ms will have killed off the 360 no let me stop they have a ok future but i don't see it being much different than the x box 1 in japan

Shaka2K63302d ago

LOL it took microsoft 4 years to sell 1 million in Japan.

talk about the biggest Fail in the history of gaming right there.

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