Apogee Software not Affected By 3D Realms Situation

WorthPlaying writes: "While there is no confirmation yet, former 3D Realms employee Charlie Wiederhold, currently at Infinity Ward working on Modern Warfare 2, says the rumor is 100% true and confirmed. Deep Silver however issued a statement saying that Apogee is not affected by the "situation" at 3D Realms, and that development on the Duke Nukem Trilogy is continuing as planned."

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RainOfTerror3239d ago

If Apogee is not affected, maybe there is hope after all, not quite sure how the two companies were still related, or not.

LONEWOLF2313239d ago

Ohh hell yeah!

Duke Nukem Forever is still on track!

Cajun Chicken3239d ago



RainOfTerror3239d ago

Unfortunately the Duke Nukem titles Apogee are working on are on the NDS/PSP, so it all remains to be seen ..

Although if the 3D Realms demise rumors were not true, I'm sure there would have been way more vocal denials. 3D Realms and Take Two are being very quiet and refusing to comment at this point it seems.

Jockamo3239d ago

They could make a great, long lasting FPS with this franchise.

STONEY43239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Funny, because if you saw the short Duke Nukem Forever gameplay video on the Jace Halls show, it kinda looks like Half Life 2.

RainOfTerror3239d ago

Unfortunately the shut down has now been made official by 3D Realms' webmaster :(

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