Wii availability reaches new high

MCV writes:

UK retailers are finally able to order consoles freely after more than 29 months of intense stock shortages

Over two years after its UK debut and after no end of shortages, Nintendo's Wii has now reached a level of open availability for UK retailers.

Koch has told retailers that Wii hardware, which includes Wii Sports, is now freely available and will no longer be restricted to purchase on an allocation basis.

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FreestyleBarnacle3519d ago

Incidentally I have anecdotal evidence that the PS3 is selling out at some retailers. Note I did say anecdotal and the sample size was not too high.

Chubear3519d ago

so now the PS3 seems to picking up steam and outselling the wii in JPN all of a sudden the wii shortages have magically disappeared. Uhm, interesting.

mint royale3519d ago

Yes with the wii selling less it becomes more available. Oh wait you were trying to suggest that Nintendo were deliberately holding back stock despite having no evidence apart from their financial reports which states that they have continually upped production levels. Never mind I did not see the troll straight away! :)

BRG90003519d ago

Well said mint. Chu, nice try.

Man, 3 years ago would anyone have believed that Nintendo would be unable to keep up with demand for the Wii for 29 months?? Still freakin unbelievable.

Shnazzyone3519d ago

it's about time. Maybe now nintendo can finally start the price cut. The system really should not still cost 250 after 2 years.

mint royale3519d ago

but if millions of people continue to buy it what do you expect Nintendo to do?

dirthurts3519d ago

people are finally realizing the Wii is junk hard ware, with a new controller.
I had a wii, for about two months. It gold old fast. Dated visuals, stereo sound, laggy games, no online, NO GAMES!

I think this will be another game cube flop. Or at least it would be if it wasn't for all the little kids playing crap games on it.

so overpriced.

Sorry, my little rant is over.

Two companies I don't like, APPLE, and NINTENDO.

BRG90003519d ago

"Sorry, my little rant is over.

Two companies I don't like, APPLE, and NINTENDO."

Hehe, just thought this was funny. Your rant had a little aftershock there.

Anyway, Wii is as far from "another Gamecube" as it could possibly be. Gamecube had great games (not TONS of them, but handfuls of them at least) and still didn't sell. Wii has sold in unprecedented volumes for the last 2.5 years, even without much solid software. Polar opposites really.

artgamer3519d ago

So the Wii was just another GameCube after all, expect this trend to continue.

BRG90003519d ago

360 and PS3 were readily available after their respective holidays, about 3 months after release. Wii finally catches up with demand 29 months after release and it's a flop? Might want to check your math on that buddy.