GamingTrend Review: My Pet Shop

GamingTrend writes: "When I was handed the assignment for My Pet Shop, I was understandably excited. Would there be fluffy kitties and the grooming thereof? Would I be able to feed carrots to precious little bunnies? And would I be able to do all of this while not clawing my eyes out in sheer Nerd Rage?

The answers are, yes, yes, and surprisingly enough, yes. In My Pet Shop, you play a child transplanted from the big city to the out-of-the-way burg of Green Town. No one has any pets, and you and your mother open a pet shop to rectify this grave injustice and quite possibly train your puppy dog to roll over. Shockingly, this game far exceeded my admittedly small expectations. Let's see why My Pet Shop succeeds where other pet-related games fail."

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