How Sony Should Counter the Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi will launch on April 5th and is already breaking pre-order records. How can Sony counter against the latest video game system from Nintendo?

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xabmol3548d ago

Of course this is just my opinion. But the PSP has every thing I could possibly want from a portable gaming device, and then some. Add CFW into the equation and it blows the DSi out of the water. Then again I am 24 and the average DS owners are probably children and enthusiastic Wii owners(casuals).

SiLeNt KNighT3548d ago

i think they should make the psp2 completely different from the psp but still support the original psp, like ps2 and ps3. that way they could drop the price of the original psp to compete with the dsi and the psp2 can dominate the market for adult gamers/music lovers/movie watchers etc etc...

Venomish3548d ago

IMO, psp > ds and dsi for two reasons
1- WipEout Pulse
2- Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

ThanatosDMC3548d ago

Looking at the box from that thumbnail pic... doesnt it look like a version of the XMB?

All i say is announce Monster Hunter with PSP2 or Monster Hunter 3 for PSP... and it'll sell like hotcakes on crack.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3548d ago

The DS was a fine upgrade from the Gameboy Advance. However, the DSi is retarded. I can't believe Nintendo is actually making exclusive games for the DSi as if it was a new portable. It's basically a DS with enhanced net capabilities and low res cameras, i.e. there's no hardware upgrade. Not more buttos, not analogue nubs, and not a second touch screen.

I love my DS Lite, but I'm skipping the DSi. Saddly, I'll be skipping the next Zelda game until Nintendo's next portable comes out.

dragunrising3548d ago

Your wrong about there not being a major hardware revision in the DSi.


133 MHz ARM CPU (2x larger)
16 GB of RAM (4x larger)
256 MB of internal storage
Updated wireless protocol- you can now use WPA/WPA 2


2 ARM processors @ 67 MHz and 33 MHz respectively
4 GB of RAM
256 KB of memory
Outdated wireless protocol- only WEP and unprotected WPA/WPA 2

Also, Nintendo is releasing DSi/DS hybrid cartriges that take advantage of the DSi in particular. Until I did a little research, I didn't think the DSi was a very big upgrade either. There is a lot of potential in the DSi, otherwise we wouldn't have silly articles like this one and millions of pre-orders.

Heres my link:

@ xabmol

One last thing- I think its very assuming to suggest that the DS demographic includes only children younger than 12. I could very easily (and falsely) claim that the PSP's only market are preteen and adolescent boys that don't play sports. Either statement is false. Just pointing that out...:-)

SpoonyRedMage3548d ago

I think it's funny that everyone forgets the PSP is on it's third model also and hasnt had any noteworthy changes except a screen that's worse than the original.

I also think the DS's games are much better than the PSPs because apart from the odd port(Super Mario 64 for instance) they're designed with the DS and portability in mind unlike the majority of PSP titles that work better on the PS2.

It also has better battery life, the touch screen and mic can be used in cool ways like calling a taxi in GTA and it has significantly better third party support. It also has a list of hardcore games comparable to the PSPs(or perhaps more) as well as all the fun, casual stuff.

@ThanatosDMC: It very well may do but it's based on the Wii interface but with only one row.

SaiyanFury3548d ago

Personally, I don't care how the PSP whatever version scores against the DSi. I have 2 1001 models, one of which I use for CFW for emulators and ROMs, and my second I keep up to date for the latest PSP games. The latest DS is just another attempt by Nintendo to resaturate the market as it's done twice before with the handheld. No doubt the new PSP is trying to do the same thing, but since I never bought either, I'm not in the market for either. The DSi is merely an attempt to sell more units, with only meagre updates; a widescreen, which the original PSP had from the beginning, and a camera lens. Not an update worthy of my money. Neither is the new PSP, with it's updates. I stick to my original PSP and it serves me well.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3548d ago

But I doubt it's 4GB and 16GB, more likely MB. Still, your calculations are wrong. The DSi may have a processor that's 2x faster than another processor in the DS, but the DSi also dropped one of the 2 processors of the DS which helped in 2D rendering, so I guess the new faster processor will simply work for emulating older DS 2D games and GBA downloadable games. And even when it has 4x the memory of the DS, it's still underpowered compared to the PSP, even though the PSP came out 4 years ago. That's underwhelming. I barely bought my DS Lite last year so as long as DS games keep coming out I'll keep it and perhaps skip the DSi for the next DS.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3548d ago

They have the better system. Why can't they just convince people of the truth?

Mutley4163548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

99$ PSP... To many kids love the DS...

blazed133548d ago

lmao at the psp getting owned by the ds and now the dsi is going to do the same.. poor sony just cant catch a break this time around...

KionicWarlord2223548d ago

nintendos handhelds are big . there known for not being beat at handhelds.

Kyur4ThePain3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Don't mind him. He's just stirring.
A quick glance at his activity will show you he hasn't been on for 2 weeks and then, a sudden spate of posts. That's a clear sign of it being someone with multiple accounts.

That being said, I agree with you on Nintendo and their hand's a tough nut to crack.

Ryudo3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Dude Nintendo beat the GameGear with the original GameBoy. The PSP has done amazing to even come this far. But its time Sony packed its bags and make the PSP2 I think we can all agree. This battle is long over and Sony ain't going to come back with a PSP redesign.

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