Katamari Damacy Tribute Trailer from

First trailer for Katamari Damacy Tribute from

-Supporting full HD
-New songs
-Able to choose from different styles (toon shading, etc)
-New areas including under water and galaxy
-New missions (grow flowers using water infused katamari, etc)

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Zeus Lee3551d ago

I'm digging the Toon shading,is this a PSN/BluRay release?

Orange3551d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...cel-shaded Katamari...this is the greatest week of my gaming life!

vix3551d ago

underwater and galaxy aren't new. underwater was in wlk and galaxy in bk. some of the levels are "remixed" versions from past games while other levels are totally new. regardless, it's another game and that makes me super happy.

Szarky3551d ago

What do you do in this game? I've never even heard of it. Is it fun?

Szarky3551d ago

Just watched the video. Looks interesting. Kind of a twisted exploring game where stuff sticks to your rolling ball. I think I would definitely get hooked on this.

housegroove763550d ago

looks just as amazing as the the past versions. Im really digging the cell shaded style. Plus the flower mode looks like it turns the game on its head. instead of collecting everything, your growing the level...friggin sweet =D