Rumor: Details Revealed of "PSP 3G"

Kombo Reports: "Don't get your hopes up, folks, but there is something of a rumor stemming from NeoGAF about the next iteration of the PlayStation Portable, dubbed herein as "PSP 3G:"

David Perry // Producer, SCEA: Also well known as the PSP-4000 or the PSP2, the new PSP model will be called PSP 3G. Unlike previous PSP models it will have a touch screen as well as an UMTS support, Bluetooth and a microphone. That means you will be able to use it easily as a normal mobile phone. With its ultra compact size and design it will be not much bigger than an iPhone but it will offer you the highest gaming comfort. There wont be any UMD-drive any more but instead a keyboard with a slide mechanism though. But of course, you will be able to download all the games from the PSN Store with the PSP 3G soon. Cooperating with Sony Ericsson, we will be able to deliver the PSP 3G in the USA and Japan by the end of April 2009. First pictures will follow tomorrow."

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AllseeingEye3535d ago

I seriously doubt that one.

yaboi3535d ago

the one in the pic looks sick though

Mindboggle3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Im not being funny but is that screenshot real ? I looks so tatty and looks like its made by Madcatz. It looks ridiculous and I would be embarressed to pull that out in public.

The features do seem brilliant though but im worried about the no UMD drive. Although it was a pain in the ass, we would be forced to pay Sonys overpriced PSP games. Like £40 for tiger woods and endwar. They would need to reduce all games to £10-£15 for me to buy it.

And what about all the people who got UMD games ? Do we have to buy them again ? I personally think the whole article is fake...

Max Power3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

is crappy, just a normal psp with a second analog nub, a blackberry keyboard and a crapy extended screen. worst photoshop ever!
@mindboggle, you can even see the square around the second nub that was cut and pasted from the other side.

Mindboggle3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Well im glad you cleared that up...One thing about the article annoyed me was that it never mentioned 3g coverage for Europe, which basically means it wont be realesed in Europe yet....

I hope this article is fake as its more crap than good in my eyes....

s8anicslayer3535d ago

looks like the psp and the sidekick's lovechild! or a unity between t-mobile and sony.

indysurfn3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

That would be awesome! That would be check mate! Depends on if it was skype, or 'skype like' or verizon, I'm there dude!

inveni03534d ago

We won't see it in April of '09 because it doesn't exist. Sony recently filed for a patent on multi-touch, so its next PSP definitely will not have a slide-out keyboard.

Doppy3534d ago

April 09 = April Fools Day, in other words this is most likely a lie. April 2010 would have made some believers.

However, if it is true then we should hear all about it at GDC next week, and trust me I'll be looking for it.

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Parapraxis3535d ago

Sony said in their E3 presser they wanted everything they were making to be able to tap into the G3 networks. This makes sense, it means internet access anywhere and for any new gaming device, playing online is now a very important part.
Please let there be 2 analog sticks!

mirroredderorrim3535d ago

I hope PSP2 does incorporate Bluetooth.

I luv teh blutewthz

uie4rhig3535d ago

according leonard (or was it sheldon?) from the big bang theory.. anything that has bluetooth sells to men lol.. watch season 2 episode 18.. proper awesome lol :P

Insanium3534d ago

+bubbles for mentioning Big Bang Theory.

jay23535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Well just look what Nintendo did with DSI, pic tomorrow, intresting.
And maybe kind of UMD to memory stick system.

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