Microsoft exec: If you must pirate, use counterfeit Windows

A senior Microsoft exec has admitted that some software piracy actually ends up benefiting the technology giant because it leads to purchases of other software packages.

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OldSchoolGamer4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

The first joint is free, the next two are gonna cost ya!

Neutral Gamer4265d ago

Ha, has a nice ring to it!

"How high do you want to go today?"

Covenant4265d ago

"Hey, if you must steal a car, please make it a Ford."

"Hey, if you must download music illegally, please make sure it's Coldplay."

"Hey, if you must rig an election, please favor the Democrats." (I'm a Libertarian, by the way...just feel like picking on Democrats today).

I could REALLLLLLY have fun with this.

What else can we come up with? Be creative!

Merovee4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

If your going to kill someones pet make it a Goldfish, as they really have been lacking attention the last couple decades.

If you must inflict severe bodily injury to a person, make sure they're elderly. As a massive crime wave would increase subsidy to Medicare. ("Sorry Grams, *thump* it's for the best really *thump*")

Boink4264d ago

thanks for the advice MS, it's done:)

Bullseye4264d ago

however,the serious question is why does piracy of MS software exist in such large numbers? One possible answer is,no one likes being ripped off and thats exactly what MS does with every copy sold.Also the point regarding piracy ultimately benefiting MS, isn't really true.Many of the people that crack the software in the first place do not use MS software(Linux Unix anyone),in fact its the dislike of the MS global domination, that motivates many hackers.The people who use the pirated software are average joe's, not hackers themselves(well,usually).As an example, pirated software is offloaded to me and you and the crackers then use these as zombies for distributed DOS attacks aimed at MS. I suspect the only reason MS provide critical updates to pirated s/w is to reduce the aforementioned attacks, nothing to do with our security, just their own.This is just my take on things,nothing more.

BIadestarX4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

"dislike of the MS global domination, that motivates many hackers." Really??? LOL. You are way off. Let me put it this way, hackers are normal people (well... hehe gifted people with programming skills). They do not hack microsoft because they hate microsoft or because it's the easiest thing to hack. They have jobs you know. and family to support. The only reason why windows is a target is because of it's installbase. Who that @#$%@#$% is going to hack linux or even Mac? Why as a hacker would I spend my time to hack 1-5% of all the computers out there when I can reach 90%! Linux users are not regular joe, they are mostly corporations which know how to protect themselves, a guy that use it to learn how to use linux, or someone that know show a thing or two about computers. MAC, well Apple is a more controlled environment since they even produce the hardware.
If linux or mac becomes mainstream trust me hackers will attack them.
Here let me give you proof, now that firefox is becoming mainstream look at what hackers are doing:

Haha, so now IE is not the only browser with security issues ehh?

Also, I hate to burst your bubble but apple also does security updates:

ohh wow look even linux

obviously their security updates are less since their installbase is smaller, but not because hackers love linux and mac and promise to be nice.

FeralPhoenix4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Bro, that was funny stuff about "Grams", -LOL, ha Hows about:

If you're going to steal a 360 game make it "Bomberman Act: Zero" because we can't even give that f*&%ing game away!