Conan The Barbarian Trailer

Embark on a barbarian's quest to destroy an ancient evil and bring peace across the land.

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chitown4296d ago

god of war wannabees.....

Black Republican4296d ago

god of war ---> ninja gaiden wannabees.....

PS360WII4296d ago

but their is only one Conan and his name is Arnold! I doubt there will even be any Camel punching while drunk in it either :(

DaTrooF4296d ago

well,needs to start showing us something fresh and needs to stop looking like a gow wannabee.dont get me wrong,i like god of war but i want them to do something fresh.and dont even think about saying anything about heavenly sword being a gow wanabe.

nix4295d ago

having already seen a game like GOW (god of war i.e.) this looks lame.... sorry guys, not good enough! go back to the drawing board.