Nintendo's Portable History: Part 4, Game Boy Advance & Beyond

How exactly do you follow a machine that has sold in excess of 100 million units worldwide and become a fully-fledged cultural icon in its own right? Simple: release a console that carries the same ideals, is more powerful and - possibly most importantly - features the words 'Game Boy' in its name.

History has taught people that it's notoriously hard to follow success with success in the games industry - just look at the dismal failure of machines such as the Atari 5200, Sega Saturn and Commodore CD32 - and back in the late '90s you could almost forgive Nintendo for being reluctant to put the aging Game Boy hardware (by this point being sold in the slightly upgraded form of the Game Boy Color) out to pasture.

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RJ920093554d ago

i miss the game boy loved the name i wise they would bring it back

Hobgoblin3553d ago

Sweet article. Let's just hope the dying DS and pointless DSi doesn't spoil Nintendo's awesome track record - which this article dutifully reminds us of.