Strategy Informer: RACE Pro Review

Strategy Informer writes: "On the whole however, Race Pro gives you loads to do: there's a career mode, Championship Mode, Time Trial, Online Multiplayer, the lot. If you can forgive the slightly less than high definition graphics, the rather dampened sound effects and just concentrate on the thoroughly realistic racing experience on offer than you won't go too far wrong with Race Pro. As a challenger to Forza it simply doesn't compare, but those of you who are starved for this sort of thing – lets face it, it's not like the shelves are full of games like this – then you won't go too far wrong with Race Pro".

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creeping judas3519d ago

Main point with this game is that it's only $39.99 in NA, and that makes this game good. If I had to have paid $64.99 for this game I'ld be a bit miffed!!!