Killzone 2 Battle Replay Mode

Match Playback Mode.

Relive an online multiplayer battle from the killzone website

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Jerk1203578d ago

Suckzone 2 Battle Suck Mode

3578d ago
cryymoar3577d ago

here's a video of the replay system in action

2FootYard3578d ago

You sir are a comedic genius.

Ghoul3578d ago

Very awesome and great analysis tool for clans and serious gamers.
This is getting better by the minute.

Seems like the playstation finaly got a incredible competitive only exclusive FPS. Horray

CyberCam3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I viewed this new feature earlier (when the site wasn't being hammered) & it's an awesome feature. I'll definitely using this feature a lot in the future!

Well starting Friday I will not be surfing the gaming websites as much & I'll be out of the loop for a while... I'll be way too busy playing Killzone 2.

dalibor3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

What is this battle replay mode since I have not heard anything about it? The link did not work for me just like phosphor112 stated.

3578d ago
Ghoul3578d ago


its basicly like the source tv view in cs.

your offered a topdown view graphicly stylised and dots on the map colored as blue or red (isa,helghast) and name. and you can then trace all taken routes and analyse the teams movement and strategy.


dalibor3578d ago

Thanks for the heads up bro. I seriously did not know about this feature until now. Hope its fun to use.

edgeofblade3578d ago

It's funny how quickly people forget that Halo 3 did this.. and did it very well.

I'm not saying Killzone 2 "stole" anything from any other game, let alone Halo 3, but you better recognize where the influence came from.

Would KZ2 have a video replay feature if Halo 3 didn't? It would be unlikely...

ALL_STAR_283578d ago

it tells me i need this AC_RunActiveContent.js ...??? wth is that and how do i get ps i have a mac

mrnjl3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Actually Halo 2 was the first to do this. Halo 3 had this and added theater mode (watch and save videos of your MP matches). But hey good to see its getting used in more games. Like someone said its a great feature for clans.

Ghoul3578d ago

guess what guys your allmighty halo copyied everyting too but they were the first on consoles ok so what.

btw who the f... mentioned halo anyway ? wy are you talking about it ?

PotNoodle3578d ago


I'm not taking anything away from halo, but there were games before halo that did this.

Though the idea of doing this for GG was most likely influenced by halo's implementation

Proxy3578d ago

I believe your only allowed to get excited about a features the FIRST time. All these Killzone 2 rabblerousers... pfft.

Martini3578d ago

Weak and old - Battlefield 2 Modern Combat in '05 had that function on the PS 2.

Tarasque3578d ago

funny how everyone is saying there was games that done this before halo, so tell me which console game done this before halo?

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DavidMacDougall3578d ago

ROFL!! I can't even hear you

LeGenDx3578d ago

i cant read what your reading dude. is it because u dont have anymore bubbles ?!?! MUAHAHA

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