Hellforge: Dawn of War 2 Review - That Which Does Not Kill Me

Hellforge writes about its experiences with Dawn of War 2 which consist of both good, and plenty of bad.

Hellforge writes: "Dawn of War 2 is, for all intents and purposes, a solid game with solid gameplay. With that said, it's only solid if you ignore the fact that it has a 50% chance of crashing on me every time I load a new map or transition to another planet during the game's campaign."

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iseven3530d ago

great review. i think i may just get this.

StillGray3530d ago

Make sure you've got Vista 64. Vista 32 has a whole slew of problems with it.

skelter3530d ago

Yet another good game crippled by bad programming.

StillGray3530d ago

I blame GFW Live and a real lack of QA.

Charlie26883530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I have been playing for more than 12 hours and it hasn't crashed not even once, dude sounds like its your PC since this is the first time ive read a review with so much performance problems...hell many other praised the fact that is actually very stable compared to other recent RTS -_-

darkjanus3530d ago

While the game itself is enjoyable and very fun to play, the fact i have to login to GFW just to play it is ridiculas.

I knew id need to login for multiplayer. But if i just want to skirmish or play the campaign i MUST be connected to the internet. Last time i checked i bought a game not a client. Without an internet connection this game cannot be played at all. I cant belive any developer would release a game like this

I've read through the manual and the packaging and no-where does it say you need the internet for singleplayer. As such im appealing to all gamers out there, complain to Relic, THQ, anyone. just for the love of god dont let companies think they csn get away with releasing a game in this state. THey complain about pirates and then do this. Give us a game where if you buy the real product then its broken as you cant play offline at all.

We won the securirom fight, we can win this one too.

PS while i have no touble with map loading the game refused to instal properly so i had to download it from steam, which was rather irritating when i had the CD in my drive