IGN: Where Did Sonic Go Wrong?

Few gaming icons are as fashionable to scorn as Sonic the Hedgehog. Poking fun of werehogs is an easy sport, to be sure. But his last few adventures, including the recent Sonic Unleashed, have fallen short of his celebrated original run -- at least by reputation. Some critics claim Sonic never really survived the jump to 3D and exists today only on the fumes of nostalgic good will. Others think the trouble started much earlier, when Sonic raced along so fast that nobody noticed the ground had run out beneath his trademark red sneakers.

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Yi-Long3523d ago

Sonic was was fantastic, Sonic 2 was even greater, and Sonic CD was awesome as well.

Sonic 3 was just another platformer, which had the lost the 'Sonic' feel to it, and after that, it's just been mediocre or bad.

What I just don't understand is, why don't they just go back to the classic style and gameplay and simplicity of the first few Sonic games!?

Just make it a HD, 2D SPRITE-BASED gorgeous platformer (not a 2d 'racer' like the PSP Sonic games), lose the horrible side-characters, and just make this about Sonic, Tails and Robotnik again!

It such a shame that once 3D came around, it also kinda 'killed' 2D sprite-based gaming. I love 3D as much as the next guy, but there was absolutely no reason why 2D would suddenly be 'out of style'.

I wish Sega would just, for once, listen to the GAMERS, and just give us Shenmue 3 and sprite-based Sonic platformers.

Just imagine, a HD 2D sprite-based Sonic platformer with the look and feel of the first few Sonic games. We can always dream, can't we!?