ZTGD Review: F.E.A.R. 2

Zero Tolerance of ZTGD writes: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin is a solid follow-up to a great franchise. If you are a fan of Alma and company then there should be no hesitation in picking up this delightful sequel. While it may not hold the same prestige of scaring the pants off of gamers like the original did, it remains a genuine thriller that will keep you immersed from beginning to end. Don't expect the multi-player to show you anything you haven't seen before, and if you are coming into the series for the first time expecting a revolution you may be disappointed. However, shooter fans and especially fans of the series will find plenty to love with this solid, if not predictable sequel.

+ Excellent single-player campaign
+ Solid visuals
+ Great control
- Multi-player feels predictable
- Minor frame rate hiccups

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table3559d ago

solid visuals as a pro? i beg to differ.

Marcus Fenix3559d ago

good review, what I hate about reviews when they compare a game to other games, I enjoy the game 4 what it is without comparing it to other games, I bought this game solely 4 the single player campaign and it didn't disappoint me, I didn't like the multiplayer but it's not a problem 2 me since I wasn't looking forward to it, so here u go, another opinion.

dawq1123559d ago

killzones controlls were like this. then maybe them media would stop complaining so much like omg.

table3559d ago

fear 2 controls and shooting mechanics are abysmal.

goflyakite3559d ago

I agree.
I love KZ2 controls, but I see how some can't like it.
But playing the FEAR 2 demo was horrible. (controls)

marichuu3559d ago

I had no problems with the controls in FEAR 2 (360) and I prefer those over KZ2 controls... I don't see what's wrong with either though.

Kushan3559d ago

I think complaining about a game because of it's controls are a new low in the gaming world. Unless a game's controls are BROKEN (i.e. they're impossible to pull off or something), it's just different to other games.

One thing I noticed about KZ2 is the feeling of weight your character has and their volume in the world. FEAR especially gave a good feeling of weight as your character lumbered around and jumped over objects and such. There was no teleporting about or neck breaking turns as you climbed on or in to something and I respect that. It's more realistic and at a sacrifice for "ease" gives a much better feeling of being part of that world. Both games do this and both do it in their own way, I can't say one is better or worse than the other, but I like it.

Nihilism3559d ago

play on pc, controls couldn't be better, and visuals are delicious at 16x aa 1680*1050

table3559d ago

gd point actually. i played ps3 demo and really disliked it. sort of game that probably would be better on pc, but mine aint powerful enough for these modern games.

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