The Importance of Set and Setting

Kombo writes:

"Whether we realize it or not there are many intangible factors that contribute or deduct from our personal enjoyment of the games we play. Nostalgia is by far the most commonly recognized variable, particularly when comparing older titles to more recent efforts. When lounging comfortably one afternoon after class and enjoying another session of Mirror's Edge, I inadvertently began thinking of two others: set and setting. For those unfamiliar with the terms, "set" refers to one's mental state at any given time, generally defined by how open they are to new ideas or experiences. Setting is more obvious, defined as the physical situation in which you currently reside."

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Jinxstar3505d ago

This is almost a direct copy from Dave Sirlins stuff from a long time ago...

Tempist3505d ago

Either way it's a great read and worth consideration. Maybe Dave Sirlin should take on gaming then.

cornfedgamer3505d ago

For example, I played FFVI on my PSP while visiting family in Brazil. While that would have been an awesome game no matter where I played it, now when I hear or see it I think of relaxing December days spent in a hammock.

And if you buy a game thinking its one thing and finding out its another it can be difficult to overcome your preconceptions and enjoy it for what it is.

Maybe developers know this and use it to create a positive setting for reviewers who have to come into the studio to play pre-release titles.