EastBayRI Review: "MLB Front Office Manager" - 3 out of 10

There's only about a week left before pitchers and catchers report for the 2009 Major League Baseball season. To help keep fans busy until opening day, or until an actual baseball game comes out in March, 2K Sports released "MLB Front Office Manager" last month.

Aside from player personnel, you also have to decide what type of general manager you want to be. Are you a lawyer, a former player, a former manager? Each one of these categories boosts your general manager rating in certain categories. Much like an RPG, your G.M. can then level up in different areas depending on the success of the team, individual performances, signings, winning streaks etc.

You can also pick the type of clothes your G.M. wears. Doesn't mean anything. Just another choice.

On the field, the gameplay is minimal. You serve as the manager, deciding if pitchers should pitch to a batter or if batters should lay down a bunt. You don't have any control over the actual game itself though, which brings me to the most important aspect of "MLB Front Office Manager."

It's not fun.

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